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December 21, 2022
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December 21, 2022
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We worry about hydration, strength and damage caused by technical treatments on our hair. That's why this winter your mane needs a wish list of its own that can be summarized online PlexForte.

Repair and coloring at the same time

PlexForte is a complete treatment that repairs the hair structure, providing maximum strength and protecting it from technical treatments, as well as strengthening the hair in the long term. It has a unique composition of active ingredients with different molecular weights, designed to repair the hair, from the inside to the outside of its structure.

This range features the famous additive for technical products, Nº1 Bond Booster, with the main purpose of increasing strength and reducing breakage during and after treatment. It is added to the mixture and the usual step-by-step procedure is carried out. No.1 Bond Booster reduces damage during the technical process, protects, repairs and strengthens the hair.

The technical products in the PlexForte range include: bleaching powder, activating emulsion and mattifying oil, which enable perfect blondes to be achieved on all hair types. They improve color results in demanding lightening processes, provide maximum respect for the hair fiber, achieve color balance and neutralization control, provide maximum protection and lightening.

Nutrition, strength and repair

After any technical treatment we must stabilize the bonds and for this purpose we have Nº2 Bond Filler. A concentrated spray treatment that increases strength, nourishes with essential amino acids and seals the structure to ensure a longer duration of the technical process.

It is important to have a line that has the same technology in the washing ritual where we want to normalize the pH. Within the PlexForte line we have three treatment products that should be combined in the washing ritual. The first step is Nº4 Shampoo, a shampoo developed with PlexForte technology that recovers hair, restores and maintains strength while moisturizing and protecting.

To reduce breakage and strengthen keratin bonds, we have Nº5 Conditioner, the conditioner that adds strength and shine without weighing hair down. And for hair that needs instant repair with a long-lasting effect, we have Nº3 Bond Repair Shot Mask, a treatment in ampoules that has an intensive, long-lasting repairing effect with visible results from the first application.

To finish, both before drying and after, we can apply Nº6 Bond Restore Oil. A highly concentrated oil that repairs and protects the hair, dramatically increasing shine, softness and luminosity.


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