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12 February, 2019

How old is your skin?

Our skin is constantly changing. Over time, we lose substances that are essential for keeping it looking young, such as collagen or elastin. Its needs evolve, […]
12 February, 2019

The benefits of marine collagen

Marine collagen has become a star ingredient thanks to its regenerative properties and a powerful weapon against wrinkles. The benefits it brings your skin are inumerable. […]
1 February, 2019

Squalane, the skin protector

You’ve probably never really noticed this component before, but from now on you should. Squalane is used for moisturizing skin and preventing moisture loss. Discover its […]
16 January, 2019

Ceramides, what are they and why are they so good for your skin?

They call them the “building blocks of beauty” and it’s a well-deserved accolade. They’re becoming ever more present in cosmetic formulae and they have a fundamental […]
10 October, 2018

Join us in the fight against cancer

October is a month of generosity at Lendan Cosmetics. For another consecutive year we have joined the campaign to raise funds for cancer research.
5 October, 2018

Layered cut: how to wear the cut of the moment

Get your newest look from this article. Your hair is crying out for a radical makeover, so why not a layered cut? It’s one of the […]
5 October, 2018

Whisking, the making of a beauty cocktail

“Shaken not stirred”. The famous phrase of the world’s most famous cinematographic special agent has now landed in the beauty sector. When you work in a […]
4 July, 2018

Foilyage: how to go from boring to sun-kissed hair in a jiffy

This is the name of the new version of balayage highlights: Foilyage, a new technique which creates a sun-kissed effect that brightens and livens up dull […]
8 May, 2018

Beauty flash or how to look perfect in record time

We’re fast approaching wedding season and the countdown is on to perfection for a day that’s so important to you yet hasn’t left you enough time […]
10 April, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day Mum! Special Mother’s Day Pack

Because you love her loads! You don’t need any other reason to surprise your mum with an exclusive beauty pack which will help your mum to […]
22 March, 2018

What is blue light and how does it affect our skin

We’ve heard plenty about the damage that UVA rays can do to our skin, but what about blue light? It’s the great unknown and although you […]
22 March, 2018

The best haircuts for straight hair

Straight hair? It doesn’t have to be a big drama! Straight hair can be cut in many ways to create volume and movement. Want to find […]
8 January, 2018

The order is important

The order is very, very important. The order in which you apply your face care products can have a direct result on their effectiveness. It seems […]
13 December, 2017

Give the gift of beauty this Christmas