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We’re fast approaching wedding season and the countdown is on to perfection for a day that’s so important to you yet hasn’t left you enough time to think about your skin. Well we’ve got good news. The moment has come to think about yourself, you’ve still got time to show off radiant, glowing skin. Let the countdown begin!

Not long left for that special occasion that has been dominating your calendar all year long but when you look in the mirror you see a dull and lifeless reflection? Don’t worry, if you want your skin to look radiant on that special day then you’ve got a friend in flash.

What are ‘flash’ treatments?

They’re beauty products which give you immediate visible results. They generally offer a firming effect and enhance the skin refreshing and illuminating to offset the signs of fatigue.

But careful! Although the instant results can be amazing, they shouldn’t be confused with everyday skin care products. These flash-effect products are designed for application on occasion only, and why they will often be found in monodose format. We give you some examples when the flash-effect can be extremely useful.:

. When you haven’t been able to get any sleep

. When you have an evening party

. After a hard day’s work

. When you get the offer of an unexpected date

. You have a wedding and haven’t had enough rest the evening before

. Jet lag

It’s not just about tiredness. We can also use this kind of express treatment when we notice our skin has lost light and density, whether caused by aging or other external factors like stress.

Beauty Flash, instantly firm and beautiful skin

The Beauty Flash vials are a concentrate of natural active ingredients which instantly restores the skin’s beauty and vitality. Beauty Flash eliminates the signs of fatigue, smooths out wrinkles and leaves the skin amazingly firm, with an extraordinary glow. Among its multiple benefits of particular note are the following: firming effect, eyelid ‘lift’ effect, wrinkle filler, blocked pore concealer, mattifying effect to reduce shine and enhanced skin glow. All of these are perfect for showing off your best side for a special event or occasion and in just a few short minutes.

Its base of active ingredients ensure a revitalizing effect on the skin:

. Organic silicone with anti-free-radical effect, which improves dermal elasticity and moisturizes the skin.

. Vegetable placenta, which improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity thanks to soya amino acids.
. Liftline, with a tensing effect on the skin.

What’s the secret to radiant skin?

As we’ve been explaining in this article, a flash-effect treatment can help you at a determined moment in time but if you want your skin to look healthy and beautiful all year round then it needs regular care. How? The secret is in cleansing and moisturizing your face every day.

It’s essential you cleanse your face morning and night and that you never go to bed without correctly removing your makeup with a product that cares for your skin and doesn’t cause irritation, like for example Prebiotic Cleansing Milk from the Essential Reload range. Ahhh! And don’t forget to exfoliate your skin once a week with a product that will help you eliminate toxins and impurities but which isn’t aggressive and doesn’t leave your skin red and irritated. At Lendan Cosmetics we recommend Prebiotic Enzymatic Scrub from Essential Reload, an innovative exfoliating scrub with a dual action that combines physical exfoliation, with biodegradable cellulose particles, with a bio-enzymatic exfoliation which copies the skin’s natural skin-renewal process. Its micro-granules (physical exfoliation) eliminate the most superficial impurities, restoring the skin’s youthful appearance and brightness.

When it comes to a moisturizer, it’s important to provide your skin with powerful antioxidants which contribute to cellular regeneration and mitigate the dreaded expression lines and wrinkles, such as the Nourishing Facial Cream from the Vitamin Forza C range.

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