Looking for a hairstyle? Make it a bun

Protects the skin from the cold
Protects the skin from the cold
29 November, 2017
A younger look because there is only one look
A younger look because there is only one look
4 December, 2017
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Christmas is coming and with it, family dinners and celebrations. Are you looking for hairstyles to surprise with? Look no further! Discover our proposals with chignons.

The chignon is one of the star hairstyles of the season. All the celebrities opt for it for their appearances on the red carpets and it offers great versatility in finishes and shapes. Do you dare to wear a chignon for Christmas?

Hairstyles with chignons

Low chignon

If you have a formal dinner, there's nothing like a low bun. You can do it at the nape of the neck or to the side for a more glamorous touch. It's the celebrities' favourite on red carpets and you can combine it with accessories to match your outfit if you fancy something different.


Semi updo with chignon

Ideal for your lunchtime meals, the half updo with a bun allows you to leave your hair loose with romantic waves while you tie the rest of your hair up in a high bun to style your face. It's a very youthful look that suits all face types.

Hairstyles with chignon

High chignon 

One of the classic chignons, it couldn't be missing from our selection. The high bun is worn with a polished finish and some volume in the updo. If you've recently had your hair cut short, you can use extensions or hairpieces to create a voluminous effect. ideal!

Hairstyles with chignon

Double bun

The most youthful of them all! Ideal for your photos when you're unwrapping Christmas presents. Divide your hair in two halves and gather the hair in two symmetrical buns as high as possible.

Hairstyles with chignon

Braided chignon

If you like to try more elaborate hairstyles, you'll love this look. It's a high bun that starts with a root braid at the nape of the neck and goes up to the top of the head. Pull the hair back into a high bun with volume to finish.

For a quicker hairstyle, you can also gather your hair into a ponytail and braid the hair in the ponytail. This way, the bun will have a very flattering braided finish.

With fringes

To surprise all your friends and family, there's nothing like adding a false fringe to your high bun look. Kendall Jenner did it for one of her events and was the centre of attention. Do you dare?

Japanese chignon

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and original look, the Japanese bun is the latest trend. It's a chignon that can be high or mid-length but where one of the strands is left loose. The key to this look lies in the polished finish of the hairstyle - use a setting gel and a few touches of hairspray for a perfect result!

Which chignon will you choose? Are you going to try more than one?

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