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8 May, 2018

Beauty flash or how to look perfect in record time

We’re fast approaching wedding season and the countdown is on to perfection for a day that’s so important to you yet hasn’t left you enough time […]
10 April, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day Mum! Special Mother’s Day Pack

Because you love her loads! You don’t need any other reason to surprise your mum with an exclusive beauty pack which will help your mum to […]
22 March, 2018

What is blue light and how does it affect our skin

We’ve heard plenty about the damage that UVA rays can do to our skin, but what about blue light? It’s the great unknown and although you […]
8 January, 2018

The order is important

The order is very, very important. The order in which you apply your face care products can have a direct result on their effectiveness. It seems […]
13 December, 2017

Give the gift of beauty this Christmas

13 November, 2017

Hair color designed for you

Are you thinking about trying a new hair color this season? Lendan offers you a wide variety of colors to suit all your needs!
26 October, 2017

Catwalk hair not for the faint of heart

Do you love to innovate through your hair? Then why not try some of the incredible looks we’ve seen on the runway shows of some of […]
11 October, 2017

Hairstyles for square faces

For each face shape there’s an ideal hairstyle. Not all haircuts and styles suit everyone! Do you have a square face shape? Then discover which hairstyle […]
11 October, 2017

What is four-dimensional hair color?

The latest trend in hair color is four dimensional. Want to find out what it’s all about? We give you the keys to the look.
11 October, 2017

Lendan collaborates in the fight against breast cancer

Join the fight against breast cancer with our CC Cream Pink Edition. Lendan will donate 1 euro to breast cancer for each tube purchased.  
18 September, 2017

Hairstyles for oily hair

Oily hair can cause huge problems when it comes to choosing a hairstyle that looks good. Does this sound like you? Then check out these hairstyles […]
18 September, 2017

Warning all bobs! Long hair is back

Long hair is back! Say hello again to XXL manes and our new best friends, extensions. Will you be doing the long-haired look?
18 September, 2017

Tips for hair growth

Did you get a bob and now want your hair to grow out quickly? Although there is no magic formula there are a few tips that […]
3 August, 2017

Need an express hairdo? We’ve got the solution!

Have you got up late when today you have an important meeting? Then you need an express hairstyle to save you from this pickle! We give […]
1 August, 2017

The it hairstyles of the moment

Want to find out which hairstyles are requested most in hair salons? We show you the it hairstyles of the moment as seen on social media.
27 July, 2017

Haircuts that will inspire you

Renew your look with some of these inspirational hair ideas! When the season’s are changing there’s no better time to update your look and go for […]
25 July, 2017

How to care for and boost your curls

The time has come to show off your curls! Aren’t they in great shape? Then here are some tips to care for and boost your Hollywood […]
7 July, 2017

Food for healthy skin

Being careful about what we eat can improve the appearance of our skin. Do you want to discover the latest foods for healthy skin which should […]
7 July, 2017

Take the years off with these hairstyles

There are hairstyles that add years and others that take them away! Take off a few with these hairstyle ideas. Rejuvenate your image and style for […]
7 July, 2017

The ideal hair color for your hair

Have you decided to color your hair? It’s important before deciding on a tone, to make sure you’re using the ideal hair color to suit your […]
12 June, 2017

Young hair thanks to the power of the Moringa tree

Lendan Cosmetics broadens its Ethernal Moringa range with a shampoo and conditioning mask to rejuvenate the most damaged hair from the very first application thanks to […]