1. Sugey roman rodriguez it says:

    I don't know the line and I am interested in knowing it.

    • adminlendan it says:

      Of course! Tell us your city and country of residence and we will provide you with the contact details of our nearest delegation, thank you very much! Best regards 🙂

  2. Silvia it says:

    Where can I get the product

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29 mayo, 2023
reglas oro decoloracion

Las 5 reglas de oro en una decoloración

26 abril, 2023

La solución a los reflejos indeseados

September 26, 2022

Hair Ritual with the PlexForte line

September 26, 2022

Differences between colorations

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Glossary of trends

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The definitive guide to toning and/or eliminating unwanted reflections

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Revitalises, brightens and firms your skin

26 April, 2022

Trendy technology with the new Euphoria shades

21 March, 2022

How to apply the new Euphoria shades?

Euphoria is the new collection of shades from Activia Plant Absolutes. A range composed of four shades, two super-lightening and two with ash shades. Attractive colours [...]
4 November, 2021

Perfect techniques for Activia Plant shades

Which hair colouring techniques will be on trend this autumn 2021? Here's the list! We have collected the techniques that will be a sure bet.  
13 September, 2021

Colour correction rituals

Oxidation of the hair is the main concern after colouring. When we lighten our hair, the natural colour is modified to give way to a new colour, which [...]
13 September, 2021

CHARGE. Recharge your hair colour

Refresh the colour of your hair! Charge is the professional colour correction line specialising in mattifying and correcting unwanted highlights on grey, white, blonde and red hair, and [...]
26 July, 2021

Supermelena? There is a PlexForte treatment for every service

They are the most sought after and most requested products in hairdressing salons. If you want to show off your hair, find the PlexForte treatment that [...]
20 July, 2021

Indispensable in colouring to offer a 360º service.

The importance of small details. Essential steps that can fall into oblivion in technical services due to the day-to-day mechanics. We are talking about two allies that cannot be [...]
20 July, 2021

Lendys Platinum Free. Sublime platinum without ammonia!

NEW! High-performance bleach with mattifying effect. The ammonia-free compact powder bleach that cares for and treats the hair fibre while lightening it [...]
22 June, 2021

Fashion techniques guide 2021

The dictionary of the 14 trendiest techniques for 2021. A colouring guide that will help you to get to know the new techniques and the correct [...]
14 April, 2021

NEW! The new generation in bleaching

We have fused PlexForte technology with the latest advances in colouring to transform the bleaching process into a high-performance service with the utmost care and attention to detail.
8 March, 2021

The definitive guide to giving light to your hair

Hairdressing techniques have been evolving and an infinite number of variants have appeared, making communication with the client more difficult, not only because of the infinity of [...]
13 January, 2021

Impossible blondes: how to avoid hair breakage and breakage?

Blondes are the most sought after in salons, but subjecting hair to bleaching can lead to breakage or weakened bonds. What's the secret to keeping your hair looking beautifuland healthy?
13 January, 2021

Creamy as if you were applying a treatment: Activia Oxilen

Discover all the secrets of oxygenated hair treatment properties. The best kept secret of the trendiest balayage on Instagram.   
10 December, 2020

2021 looks come to your salon with the Lendan Cosmetics calendar

INSPIRATION, TRENDS AND STYLE. Play with dimensions, colours and finishing products to recreate the looks in our calendar. Step-by-step guide [...]