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  1. Estefania Fernández it says:

    Good morning, I have a beauty salon in Bigues, Barcelona, and I would like to request information about cabin products and sales.
    Thank you

    • Raquel Solana it says:

      Hello Estafania 🙂 If you tell us where you are writing from, we will be able to provide you with the contact details of our advisor in your area. Regards

  2. Teresita de Jesús Figueroa a it says:

    I am interested in managing this line

    • Lendan Cosmetics it says:

      Hello Teresita 🙂 If you tell us where you are writing from, we will be able to provide you with the contact of our delegation in your area so that they can inform you. Thank you

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29 mayo, 2023
prepara piel verano

Prepara tu piel para verano

13 October, 2021

Ritual pink with Essential Reload

Before, during and after cancer treatment, the skin needs protection, hydration and repair. Essential Reload contains extracts with maximum moisturising and soothing properties that provide comfort and [...]
13 September, 2021

Repairs skin with Prebiotic Protective Cream SPF50+

Prebiotic Protective Cream SPF50+ has an advanced system, Biodefense, which prepares, protects and repairs the skin from damage caused by different types of radiation. The [...]
22 June, 2021

NEW! Prepare, protect and repair skin with Prebiotic Protective Cream SPF50+.

The new face cream from the Essential Reload range has become an essential skin care product. Its formula protects against the various types of [...]
14 April, 2021

Why is vitamin C so important for facial care?

The skin is programmed to develop its capacity to defend and regenerate itself against the aggressions it is subjected to on a daily basis. With the passage of time [...]
8 March, 2021

Facial cosmetics for men

Men's concern for skin care has been on the rise in recent years. The passage of time and the early signs of [...]
15 February, 2021

Three essentials to look after your skin's defences

There are three essential care products that you must have to repair, prepare and protect the skin's natural defence barrier. It's time to give your skin the active ingredients it needs to [...]
7 October, 2020

Discover your most supportive and natural facial care ritual

Konjac, the cosmetic basic with which you will take care of your skin in a 100% natural way and without generating waste. Discover how to use your Konjac sponge [...]
21 July, 2020

Here's how to adapt your skincare routine to mask use

The new normal involves the use of masks that can cause irritation or discomfort to the skin after several hours of use. Using the right cosmetics [...]
30 June, 2020

FOR MEN. The only cosmetic you need to care for your skin.

Introducing the new triple action prebiotic serum from the Hair to Go Men line: Warrior Defense. The ally that replaces your aftershave, your [...]
10 June, 2020

Aesthetic treatments to cope with the new normality

The lack of routine during confinement can lead to emotional stress, which is directly reflected in the skin due to free radicals. Find out more about this [...]
1 June, 2020

Preparation and hygiene: which product is right for my skin?

Facial cleansing is the key step in any skin care ritual, it allows us to remove impurities from our skin, prevent them from accumulating and causing skin impurities, [...]
11 November, 2019
Cleansing, how often do I have to do it?

Cleansing, how often do I have to do it?

We know it's important to do a regular facial cleansing, but how often do I need to do it? It's important to keep your face clean and renew it monthly, keeping in mind that [...]
15 October, 2019

Taking care of your skin in the face of cancer treatments

The side effects of cancer treatments do not only affect hair and hair on certain parts of the body, but also the skin [...].
15 October, 2019

My skin feels dehydrated, how should I take care of it?

Have you recently noticed that your skin has become stiff, tight, irritated more easily and has lost its radiance? There's no doubt about it, the skin on your [...]
16 September, 2019

What is photoageing and how does it affect our skin?

The appearance of the dreaded spots and wrinkles on the skin is strictly linked to exposure to the sun. Because UV radiation [...]
16 September, 2019

What is reactive skin and how to treat it?

Redness, dryness and irritation are some of the symptoms of reactive skin. And there are more people than we think who suffer [...]
6 September, 2019

Repair your skin after the summer with the revitalising Vitamin C face mask.

Lendan Cosmetics expands its Vitamin C cosmetic line with a new launch: the revitalising face mask. Do you want to know its benefits? Find out [...]
31 July, 2019

How to apply moisturiser correctly?

We have already warned you on several occasions and today, we will do it again. When it comes to using a cosmetic product, it's not only the ingredients that matter [...]
23 July, 2019

Which make-up remover should I use depending on my skin type?

In previous articles we have already talked about the importance of removing make-up before going to bed in order to have a luminous and clear skin.
23 July, 2019

The best products for radiant skin

The "no make up" trend is at its peak. More and more women want to go out in the street with a "face" look.