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29 mayo, 2023
ideas peinados eventos

Ideas de peinados para eventos

July 20, 2022

How to make a curly perm?

5 November, 2020

Take your moustache to the next level at Movember!

Here's the complete guide on how to wear your moustache, how to take care of it and why to show it off during Movember. Show off your moustache with all the [...]
5 November, 2020

How to combat hair ageing

When it comes to our daily skin care routine we are meticulous and consistent, but with hair it's different. We are not conscious [...]
5 November, 2020

NEW! Recovery, the line that stylists and clients have always dreamed of!

Recovery is the line with which you will achieve sublime hair. Created to meet the most specific needs in a more effective, intense and long-lasting way. […]
7 October, 2020

These shades are stylish and have set social media on fire.

The copper and reddish tones have revolutionised the social networks and have conquered the most daring women. A colour with a lot of personality, strength and creativity. Are you ready [...]
11 November, 2019
Here's what haircuts will look like in 2020

Here's what haircuts will look like in 2020

Thinking of changing your look? If you want to revamp your haircut and need some inspiration, here are the trends for 2020. Fringes, bob and bob haircuts, [...]
14 September, 2017

Fashion show hairstyles for the most special occasions

There isn't a fashion show from which we can't get an idea or two for our next hairstyle. Chignon Chignons are a very elegant and practical option for [...]
5 September, 2017

Hairstyles with braids that won't go unnoticed

We love braids because they give us a very fresh and youthful look! What's more, they can be worn at any age and allow us to be comfortable [...]
31 August, 2017

Attention bobs! Long hair is making a comeback

For a few seasons now, bobs and long bobs have been the main protagonist of every look, but long hair is making a comeback in the fashionworld.
30 August, 2017

Hairstyles to wear with greasy hair

Whether you suffer from greasy hair or not, you've probably woken up short of time and your hair looks dirtier than it should.
24 August, 2017

The best hairstyles from the 2016 VMAs

If there's one awards show where celebrities dare to innovate, it's the MTV Video Music Awards. Both their hairstyles and their [...]
22 August, 2017

Tips for hair growth

Before we start with our tips we must tell you that the most important thing is to have patience! If you cut your hair in a trendy bob, don't [...]
17 August, 2017

Queen Letizia's latest hairstyles

Queen Letizia loves to try out new hairstyles for her events and never wears the same look to two events in a row. Do you want to see [...]
15 August, 2017

Hair masks

Ethernal Moringa Mask Rejuvenates the appearance of your hair and nourishes it to the core thanks to the properties of the Moringa tree, native to the Himalayas. […]
8 August, 2017

Hair dyes : trends

Platinum Platinum and grey tones are all the rage this season. The celebrities have joined this trend and they give a very breakthrough look to the [...]
3 August, 2017

Do you need an express hairstyle? We give you the solution!

Little time and a bad hair day? Our most hated combination. But maybe... after reading this article it will be less so. Today we want to bring you some hairstyles [...]
1 August, 2017

The most it hairstyles of the moment

Buns and water waves are some of the most requested hairstyles at the moment. Do you want to discover them all? We bring you the 4 TOP looks that will [...]
27 July, 2017

Haircuts to inspire you

Bob, midi, fringe,... these are some of the latest trends in haircuts for this 207. Do you already know them? Today we'll talk about them in depth. Pixies If you are [...]
25 July, 2017

How to care for and enhance your curls

This 2017 curls are the hottest trend so if you have curly hair take advantage of it to show it off at its best. To show off a [...]
19 July, 2017

Straight hair : how to wear it

If you are one of those who love straight hair you are in luck because this season it will be what we will see the most in the main fashion shows and [...]