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29 mayo, 2023
ideas peinados eventos

Ideas de peinados para eventos

18 May, 2021

The updo is on the rise, watch out for the 2021 trend!

Celebrations have been drastically transformed in recent months. However, this has not affected the updos for events, weddings or other events [...]...
26 February, 2020

Hair to Go Men: every man's dream products

Innovative, practical, comfortable and effective products, these are the five essentials of a perfect barber. A range of essentials for your day-to-day life with [...]
10 January, 2020

One finish, one Hair to Go product

Technique is essential, but products are the key to achieving the desired result. With this premise in mind, we reveal below everything you need to [...]
1 December, 2019

The new Hair To Go finishing line

Whatever you are and however you style your hair, you will always have a Hair To Go product that will give you everything you expect in your hair styling.
24 May, 2019

The most popular bridal updos for 2019

This year, natural and casual bridal looks with an effortless effect are all the rage, so forget about big volumes and overdone hairstyles, and discover the big trends in bridal looks....
11 January, 2019

Top beauty tips to tame your hair on rainy days

No one is spared! A rainy and humid day can ruin the hairstyle you were so proud of. But don't worry... there's a solution! Here are the [...]
14 December, 2018

Straight or wavy? We show you how to get the best look this holiday season.

Are these dates full of dinners, lunches and various events and would you like to change your look a bit? We understand. You don't want to go with your [...]
30 November, 2018

The hairstyles that will be a hit for Christmas

We give you a sneak preview of the hairdressing trends for these special dates. Ponytails, braids, high updos, low updos... This year the classics are reinvented to welcome 2019 [...]
21 September, 2018

A fairytale hairstyle...

Fairytale but not fairytale. The hairstyle that is becoming popular is that of Lord Farquaad, the bad guy from Shrek, doesn't it come to [...]
22 June, 2018

Full volume hair! The best tricks for voluminous hair

Thin hair is giving you a headache? If you're tired of seeing your hair looking dull and lifeless and you'd like to look great, read on...
8 May, 2018

The ponytails that will steal your heart

We can't help it, ponytails have stolen our hearts! They're so versatile... low ponytail, high ponytail, high ponytail with waves, ponytail with a [...]
16 January, 2018

Easy step-by-step hair updos at home

A bun is practical and comfortable but wearing another hairstyle is not as difficult and time-consuming as you think. Take note of the most popular hairstyles [...]
26 December, 2017
Hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles for long hair

Do you have long hair and always wear the same hairstyle? Long hair offers an infinite number of looks so you can always look different.
19 December, 2017

Trendy hairstyles for boyish cuts

Boyish or bob, between them the war is on to see which haircut will be the most popular this 2018. If you've decided to go through the [...]
29 November, 2017

Looking for a hairstyle? Make it a bun

28 November, 2017
Haircuts that have nearly eclipsed the long bob

Haircuts that have nearly eclipsed the long bob

Are you thinking about a change of look? Before you make a decision, it's best to take a look at the hairstyles that have been on the verge of unseating the [...]
23 November, 2017
Change of look? Maybe it's reversible

Change of look? Maybe it's reversible

Fringes, bob cuts, incredible lengths... celebrities are constantly changing their look and in a matter of days they appear with their conventional look again. How is it that [...]
14 November, 2017
Simple updos to look perfect

Simple updos to look perfect

Days should have more hours! At least that's what many of us think when we see that we don't have time to dedicate to our daily [...]
26 October, 2017
Thinning hair? more volume!

Thinning hair? more volume!

Do you want to see your hair with more volume and density? With these simple tricks you can do just that, so get ready! Thin hair with more volume Choose the right haircut To [...]
26 October, 2017
Catwalk hairstyles for the daring ones

Catwalk hairstyles for the daring ones

We have already been able to discover the trends that we will be wearing in the coming seasons thanks to the Fashion Weeks that have been held all over the world. In terms of [...]