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26 julio, 2023

Short Bob: el corte que está arrasando entre las celebrities

20 julio, 2023

Uñas en tendencia para este verano 2023

27 junio, 2023

Cuatro peinados frescos y muy veraniegos

14 April, 2021

Ritual for curly hair

From light waves to extreme curls, this ritual has the keys to the care and maintenance of sublime curls. Ready for hydrated, bouncy curls?  
5 November, 2020

Take your moustache to the next level at Movember!

Here's the complete guide on how to wear your moustache, how to take care of it and why to show it off during Movember. Show off your moustache with all the [...]
30 January, 2018

The cuts we'll be wearing this 2018

The bob or long bob will continue to be this year's undisputed king in terms of haircuts. There are many who have surrendered to [...]
29 November, 2017

Looking for a hairstyle? Make it a bun

23 November, 2017
Change of look? Maybe it's reversible

Change of look? Maybe it's reversible

Fringes, bob cuts, incredible lengths... celebrities are constantly changing their look and in a matter of days they appear with their conventional look again. How is it that [...]
26 October, 2017
Looks for a terrifying Halloween

Looks for a terrifying Halloween

With the arrival of October we start thinking about our Halloween costumes. And the fact is that this holiday has become a worldwide revolution [...]
28 September, 2017
Hair trends for 2017/2018

Hair trends for 2017/2018

Natural waves Natural hair continues to take the fashion shows by storm so it will be a trend that we will see on the streets. Very natural waves, [...]