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29 mayo, 2023
reglas oro decoloracion

Las 5 reglas de oro en una decoloración

26 abril, 2023

Dos productos para un cabello sublime

23 May, 2022

Concentrated treatment for repair, strength and shine

2 December, 2021

Rejuvenating treatment for the hair fibre

The tree of life in your hair. The line with anti-ageing properties that help reduce breakage, as well as providing nourishment, softness and shine. A care [...]
2 December, 2021

Exclusive and limited edition packs, enter to win!

We wanted to celebrate the arrival of Christmas with many surprises for all of you, that's why we have created EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED EDITION packs that hide the [...]
26 July, 2021

Purifying hair treatment with seaweed

Moisturises your hair with micronutrients from seaweed. A detox treatment that normalises the pH, leaving your hair soft and shiny, free your mane!  
26 July, 2021

New hair trend: hairskincare

Hairskincare' is the trend where treatments with 360° action for the hair take centre stage. CC Hair Cream will be the favourite all-round hair care treatment - take note! 
22 June, 2021

4 must-haves for summer hair care

One treatment and three finishing products, these are the must-haves that you will recommend to your clients for summer hair care: their effects, their [...]
18 May, 2021

Smoothing treatment

Pioneers in providing balance and care in technical treatments, we have revolutionised the concept of traditional straightening with Next Liss Age. The treatment with a smoothing effect that [...]
14 April, 2021

Ritual for curly hair

From light waves to extreme curls, this ritual has the keys to the care and maintenance of sublime curls. Ready for hydrated, bouncy curls?  
8 March, 2021

Colouring treatment, a way to take your stylist home with you

All of us, especially those of us with red hair, have dreamed of taking our stylist home with us so that we can look like we've just left the salon every day. The truth is that [...]
15 February, 2021

How to apply PlexForte?

Super mane? We talked to our stylist Fernando Expósito about PlexForte, one of the most used treatments in hairdressing salons. We tell you why it is the number 1, [...]
15 February, 2021

Combine the Recovery ampoules for a nourishing and illuminating treatment.

Dull and damaged hair needs a revitalising treatment that provides instant repair, body and shine. Recovery technology will be your ally to achieve effective, intense and long-lasting results. repaired hair [...]
13 January, 2021

Reboot your hair with cosmetics that really repair hair fibres

Like magic, this treatment rebuilds the strength, structure and integrity of the hair. 
5 November, 2020

How to combat hair ageing

When it comes to our daily skin care routine we are meticulous and consistent, but with hair it's different. We are not conscious [...]
5 November, 2020

NEW! Recovery, the line that stylists and clients have always dreamed of!

Recovery is the line with which you will achieve sublime hair. Created to meet the most specific needs in a more effective, intense and long-lasting way. […]
8 September, 2020

Hair conditions: What's wrong with my hair?

Hair loss, dandruff, sensitivity, greasiness... find out what's wrong with your hair and take action! Discover the ideal treatments according to the diagnosis made by your hairdresser [...]
8 September, 2020

What hair treatment does my hair need after the holidays?

Making an appointment with your trusted stylist is the first thing you should do when you come back from holiday, this simple gesture can prevent you from looking like a [...]
1 June, 2020

How to prepare the hair for a straightening treatment?

If you thought that the preparation of hair in technical processes was a minor issue you are totally confused, the key to success is in the simple step [...].
1 June, 2020

The key directions for a personalised hair mask

Finding the perfect cosmetics is almost mission impossible, but when we find the product that totally fits our needs and the results are visible, we become more and more convinced that we are [...]
14 April, 2020

A spa for your hair at home

We all know that treatments in our trusted salon are essential and that the use of professional maintenance products at home is a precept [...].