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11 October, 2017
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13 November, 2017
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Do you love to innovate through your hair? Then why not try some of the incredible looks we’ve seen on the runway shows of some of the top fashion houses?

We’ve already discovered the trends we’ll be wearing over the coming season thanks to the Fashion Weeks that have been going on all over the planet. When it comes to hairstyles, many designers go for edgy fashion with some amazing results. Will you be bold enough to wear them?

Mermaid-style waves  

Natural waves are hot right now and we would all love to incorporate the look into our own hairstyle repertoire. However, the trend for the coming season is mermaid-style waves. These waves are much finer and crimped in pure 90s style.

Ondas estilo sirena

Low buns  

This amazing style is not apt for everyone but if you’re lucky enough to have long hair or you have some extensions to hand then you too can wear the look. Part your hair down the center and make two side ponytails. Then backcomb and tie up into a bun for a high-volume impact.

Moños bajos

Head bands and ties

Although this hairstyle is a little more subtle, we’ve added it to the list because it’s so easy to do. You just have to a tie that matches your outfit and tie it around your head like a headband. Ready-to-go!

Diademas y cintas


Bandanas are also making their mark for this coming season and not just for informal wear. You can also wear your bandana style to your next formal event!


Mini braids  

This designer suggests we fill our hair with mini braids. This style will give your look a distinctly ethnic, bohemian feel.

Mini trenzas en el cabello

Will you be giving any of these styles a go?

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