Combine the Recovery ampoules for a nourishing and illuminating treatment.

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13 January, 2021
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15 February, 2021
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Dull and damaged manes need a revitalising treatment that provides instant repair, body and shine. Thetechnology Recovery technology will be your ally to achieve results results, intense and long-lasting results. Repaired hair with a natural shine!

Recovery was born as an exclusive hair care concept created to meet the needs of the hair needs needs in an instantaneous way. Its formula with unique and revolutionary active concentrates transforms dull hair into hair with vitality.transform dull tresses into hair with vitality.

This treatment consists of two boosters that can be applied independently or by swapping them. If you are interested in finding out how to apply the boosters individually the ampoules Recovery, click here to read previous articles.

How do you combine the Ultra booster Repair and Ultra Shine for a nourishing nutri-luminating treatment?

Lhe dull and damaged mane need the combination of both ampoules to achieve the best result in an immediatelya. With the booster Ultra Repair booster nourishment and repair from the inside while Ultra Shine will give us more bodyvolume, extra shine and a healthy look. All that weakened and dull hair needs!

We can differentiate between two application rituals, an intensive and a combined one and a combined one, both with the aim of achieving spectacular hair.

  • Intensive treatment nutri-luminator

For a treatment intensive treatment start washing the hair, then apply the shampoo shampoo Care Series shampoo depending on the condition of theon the condition of the hair. Once washed, dry with a towel and apply 1 vial ofand apply 1 vial of Ultra Repair Repair. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse. Towel dry again and apply 1 vial of Ultra Repair . Shine. After this step, dry without rinsing.

With this ritual we manage to revitalise the dullest of manes and provide nourishment. It is recommended to perform the treatment nutri-luminador once a week to continue repairing and maintaining the shine effects.

  • Combined treatment nutri-luminator

The combined treatment is intended to be carried out once a month ein the salon on a monthly basis in the salon to complement the intensive ritual and to provide more ritual and provide more hydration, repair weak hair and achieve a healthy look.

For this ritual we will start by washing the hair with the shampoo Care Series shampoo. Mix 1 vial Ultra Repair vial with a minimum of 100ml of the most suitable suitable, depending on the condition of the hair. Leave on for 10 minutes, If you wish to If you wish to enhance the results, we recommend covering with a cap or film under a heat source.

After the exposure time has elapsed, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse.reand dryretowel dry with a towel. To finish, applyreApply 1 vial Ultra Shine y proceed to dry without rinsing.

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