How to prepare the hair for a straightening treatment?

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1 June, 2020
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1 June, 2020
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If you thought that the preparation of hair in technical processes was a minor issue you are totally confused, the key to success is in the simple preparation step. Here we tell you how and why to prepare your hair for a successful straightening treatment. 

The basis of smoothing: its active ingredients

Based on the fact that we are in a new era of straightening where we do not allow to get the desired result at any price, let's forget about aggressive treatments to get a glass hair. This went out of fashion many years ago. Now the straightening treatment is a hair care ritual where we get a smooth, cared for and protected mane, and this can only be achieved with Next Liss Age. 

Next Liss Age is the smoothing treatment that reduces volume, eliminates frizz and cares for the hair thanks to the properties of kera-cysteine and its 18-MEA system that provides protection, hydration and shine to the hair.  

Kera-Cysteine is the active ingredient for straightening, it combines the benefits of keratin and cysteine by penetrating the hair and sealing the breakages that cause frizz. It also provides nourishment, hydration, strength and vitality for smooth, healthy, natural-looking hair. While the ingredient 18-MEA replenishes hair's natural lipid loss by adhering to the cuticle to help protect and repair hair. 

Preparing the hair for treatment

The first step in preparing the hair is washing, for which we use the Next Liss Age Preparation Shampoo (step 1) which cleanses in depth and conditions for the straightening process, guaranteeing the effectiveness, penetration and duration of the treatment. With this simple step we ensure that the hair is clean and that the rest of the process will have the effectiveness that will ensure an optimal result.

After washing with step 1, we can proceed to dry the hair without brushing and open fine streaks to deposit the Activator Serum + Liss Booster Vial (step 2). It is recommended to make 4 sections and select fine strands starting at the nape of the neck and continuing through the rest of the hair, thus ensuring that the product is evenly distributed. Once the sections and locks have been made, we start to apply step 2 (Activator Serum + Liss Booster Vial). With the application of this second step we start the straightening process. Here we leave you a link where you can see all the steps of the the steps of the Next Liss Age treatment.

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