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Operation Christmas is on! In a month we will be about to celebrate Christmas, a holiday season when we like to look radiant and look our best. Here we share with you some beauty tips that will help you to have radiant skin.

Has your face been looking dull lately, and when you look in the mirror, do you look like you've been looking down? Don't worry, you still have time to look radiant for Christmas if you follow a series of healthy habits and, of course, our beauty tips. Stay tuned!

Causes of light loss on the face

Stress, nerves, lack of sleep, smoking or climatic factors such as excessive sunlight take their toll on your skin. The skin ageing process begins to affect the appearance of the skin from the age of 25. It is at this point that the systems that maintain the optimal health of the dermis begin to decline, causing a loss of volume, a decrease in collagen production, the appearance of wrinkles, a loss of density and, most importantly, a loss of light.

How to bring light to the face


Whether you wear make-up or not, it is essential that you cleanse your face thoroughly every night. Therefore, the first step in your facial beauty routine is cleansing. Keep in mind that clean skin is skin that is 100% ready to absorb and take advantage of the treatments that you will apply afterwards. That's why we at Lendan Cosmetics recommend the Prebiotic Micellar Oilideal for devitalised skin. Thanks to its Oil to cream technology, it is capable of removing waterproof make-up and adhering pollution particles that damage the skin and its microbiome. It eliminates the tension of the skin after cleansing, restoring its natural condition and softness, without leaving a greasy feeling. Use as follows: apply a few drops to dry eyes, face, neck and décolleté. Then moisturise with your hands until an emulsion is formed and rinse off.


In the article The benefits of exfoliating the skin you already discovered the advantages of exfoliating the dermis on a regular basis: it removes dead skin cells and promotes skin regeneration, making it softer, more supple and, above all, more radiant. At this point it is essential to talk about the Prebiotic Enzymatic Scrub from the Essential Reload line. Its formulation combines biodegradable cellulose particles with a bioenzyme that mimics the natural renewal of the skin and frees it from all types of residues, restoring light and purity. It is the essential complement for a deep, effective and gentle cleansing, which prepares the skin for the absorption of the treatments that follow its application.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with revitalising, moisturising and regenerating action. It brightens the skin and makes it possible to have a radiant and uniform appearance, lightening blemishes and preventing the signs of ageing. Aware of all that Vitamin C can do for your skin, Lendan Cosmetics has designed a line of facial cosmetics formulated with the natural power of Vitamin C. Its main functions are to regenerate, stimulate and protect the skin from external free radicals. It consists of the Nourishing Facial Cream which nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin from the daily oxidation produced by the environment; the Regenerating Fluid Moisturising Creamwhich has regenerative and repairing properties designed for devitalised skin or skin that lacks luminosity; and finally, the Intensive Repairing Treatmentampoules for skin that needs to recover tone, radiance and luminosity.


There are healthy habits that will also help you to have enviable skin:

. Hydration: drinking water is synonymous with hydrated skin. Experts recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 litres a day. If we do not drink, the skin tends to lose elasticity and will be more exposed to the weather.

. Balanced diet. Eating a varied diet is vital to provide all the vitamins and minerals our body needs. Avoid, as far as possible, foods rich in fats and artificial sugars and opt for healthy foods.

. Exercise. Sport benefits us both inside and out. When we do physical exercise we promote blood circulation throughout the body; our heart pumps harder and stronger, and in addition to all the cardiovascular benefits that this entails, your skin also notices it.

. Sleep. Resting between 6-8 hours a day favours cell regeneration. You should bear in mind that the night is the time our organism uses to regenerate and repair the aggressions suffered during the day.

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