Why does your skin become dehydrated?

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Keeping the skin hydrated is a key factor for a youthful and radiant appearance. Sudden changes in temperature, age, pollution or the use of very aggressive soaps all contribute to our skin losing water and losing radiance.

We often worry about avoiding wrinkles or eliminating blackheads, but we forget what is really important: moisturising. This is what can ruin the rest of the care that we dedicate to our skin, we imagine that this is not what you want.

If you don't want your face to look dull and lifeless, not only should you use products that deeply moisturise, but you should also avoid other factors that contribute to skin dehydration. Avoid them and say goodbye to dry skin ; )

On hydration

Has it ever happened to you that, no matter how much moisturiser you use, there are areas that feel dry? According to experts, this is due to over-hydration, which can have the opposite effect, as it weakens the skin's natural barrier (the microbiome) and exacerbates the effects of water loss.

This is why the key is not the amount of cream you apply but the type of cream you use. We propose the Prebiotic Daily Cream. is much more than a moisturiser, it not only nourishes but also increases the barrier function that the skin needs, preventing water loss and promoting hydration. It should be noted that it also increases the antioxidant action of the dermis, protecting it against daily external impacts such as pollution, exposure to digital devices or the sun's rays.

Showering with hot water

We know. It's hard to shower in hot or cold water, but long hot showers dry out the skin and strip it of its natural oils. Even if you don't like it, the solution is to lower the temperature. When you go out, don't forget to apply our Prebiotic Body Milkwith a combination of prebiotics and 24-hour moisturising active ingredients to restore the skin's natural balance and well-being. It combats discomfort, dryness and dehydration in skin that is characterised by a weakened skin barrier, especially in times when the skin can be more affected by external conditions or stress.

Temperature changes

Suddenly going from cold to hot weather has a damaging effect on our skin. Whether it's summer or winter, climate changes dry out the dermis and make it tight. Prevent skin dehydration with a product that serves as the first step in your beauty routine such as the Prebiotic Booster. It acts as a superfood for the skin, providing nutrition, repair and soothing effect. It strengthens your natural defence system, increasing the skin's defensive capacity. Undoubtedly, an innovative treatment that you will love.

Beware of soaps

Because skin on the body is not the same as skin on the face, try to choose the right products to care for each area. Try to avoid dermo-aggressive soaps that contain high pH levels. All they do is strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and dehydrated.

Follow our tips and boast beautiful, glowing skin.

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