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8 November, 2018
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Grey hair is beautiful too. Learn how to care for grey hair so that it looks shiny and luminous, with no trace of yellowish tones, and reclaim the beauty of grey hair.

Why can't grey hair be beautiful and sexy? At a time when natural hair is all the rage, grey hair is staking its claim. Here are a few tips to make white hair look as radiant as possible.

What is grey hair?

Before we talk about care, we would like to explain how grey hair appears, and sooner or later it will come to you. The appearance of the first grey hair is often a drama, as many people associate it with the end of youth. However, there is no predetermined age at which they start to appear. There are people who have been sporting grey hair since their 20s and people who don't find white in their hair until they are 35. To give you an idea, the likelihood of hair turning grey increases by 10% to 20% every decade after the age of 30.

Why do they occur? It is due to a lack of pigmentation of the hair due to the passage of time. This whitening process is irreversible and can cause weakening of the follicle, loss of shine and thickness or increased hair loss.

Over time, many urban legends have appeared around grey hair. The best known, without a doubt, is the one that says that if you pluck out one grey hair, 7 more will appear. Don't worry, this statement is totally false. The only thing you will achieve is to damage the hair follicle and, therefore, weaken the hair, but no more white hair will appear.

Care of grey hair

Environmental pollution or tobacco smoke are some of the factors that can make your white hair turn yellow, dull and lifeless. Keep in mind that when you start to have approximately 60% of your hair greying, you will notice that your hair will lose elasticity, become drier and less shiny. This means it's time to start using specific products for your hair type. This is the case with True Whitesthe shampoo that eliminates yellowish highlights, adds shine and balances the hair's pH. A must-have for your hair.

Going Grey Movement

More and more women are taking pride in their grey hair and want to share it with the world via the Instagram hashtag #GoingGrey to show that dyeing is not an obligation.

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