From Monday to Sunday, how should we take care of our skin to avoid wrinkles?

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January 10, 2023
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February 23, 2023
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Aging is not only a chronological process and / or the body, there are other external factors such as environmental, lifestyle and stress that affect and accelerate this process. We bring you the ideal ritual to awaken the vitality and youthfulness of the skin.  

Anti-aging ritual.

Stimulate, regenerate and rebuild skin from the inside out with this simple Infintime routine, a cosmetic combination that recharges cellular energy levels. Its formula guarantees visible and long-lasting results.

  • Anti-aging ritual from Monday to Friday:

Excessively long rituals end up losing our interest. The best option to take care of your skin and be consistent is a simple ritual that gives you results and does not require a lot of time (especially during the week). We propose a 3-step ritual: starting with the Eye and Lip Contour, followed by the Global Anti-Aging Cream and, for those who need color, finish with the Perfecting DD Cream to even out the tone.

The Eye and Lip Contour comforts the area, leaving it smooth and decongested. The result is a youthful, luminous look without dark circles. The Global Anti-Aging Cream has a global action that restructures and firms the tissue, resulting in a more vital and rejuvenated complexion. Finally, we can include the Perfecting DD Cream in our ritual if we want to unify the tone, correct signs of fatigue and expression lines.

  • Ritual plus antiaging.

The weekend is the perfect time to devote more attention to our skin. Looking for 20 minutes of disconnection during the week can be impossible, so we suggest you use the Redensifying Mask during your days off. Take advantage of any moment of disconnection to apply the beta-endorphin-enriched facial mask that combats the signs of aging and stress, as well as producing a feeling of well-being. One application per week is recommended.

At the weekend, when events and commitments multiply, we recommend using Flash Back. The instant serum to reduce puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and expression lines. You will immediately look firm and wrinkle-free with an effect of up to 6 hours. Its effects are not only instantaneous, but its continued use reduces aging in a lasting way. You can add it to your daily routine!

To finish these care rituals, we cannot forget the Repairing Hand Cream. The hands, like the face, are one of the most age-revealing parts of the body. Constant care with Rapadora Hand Cream will slow down aging by preventing wrinkles, spots and dryness.

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