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September 8, 2022
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A range of hair colors to suit all tastes: permanent coloring in cream, ammonia-free coloring or absolute anti-aging coloring. Discover the benefits of each color and when to apply them.

At Lendan Cosmetics we have created three types of hair coloring with different benefits for the hair, in order to provide the customer with the best result.

Activia Plant

Activia Plant is a sophisticated range of permanent coloring range in creamIt offers an infinite chromatic range of shades, reflections and nuances that allow any professional technique to be used with the best coverage, intensity, shine, softness and luminosity.

Gentle, low-ammonia formulations that respect the balance and natural structure of the hair fiber to the maximum, enriched with 5+ color system or Hi.Reflect, for even more natural, luminous and intense results.

Activia Plant Absolutes

Activia Plant Absolutes has been designed for hair with a high percentage of gray hair, as well as foras well as for sensitive scalps. Colorants of maximum chromatic purity provide total gray coverage with maximum intensity.

Its formula with hyaluronic acid attracts and holds large amounts of water to hydrate skin and hair from root to tip. In addition, it provides antioxidant properties that act against oxidation for a youthful and healthy look.

A color that is ideal for sensitive scalps, as it features "Comfort Scalp" technology that reduces itching and redness of sensitive scalps.

Sô Unic Hydra Color

The Sô Unic Hydra Color lightens up to three shades providing 100% coverage of white hair and a unique, striking and sensorial color. Maximum respect, softness and protection of the hair and scalp.

A formula with Moringa Oil, rich in Omega 3 and 6 for continuous hydration and extra-protection. 0% ammonia, 100% respect, softness and protection. 100% effectiveness and guaranteed results. 100% unique, eye-catching and sensorial color.

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