Foilyage: how to go from boring to sun-kissed hair in a jiffy

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8 May, 2018
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This is the name of the new version of balayage highlights: Foilyage, a new technique which creates a sun-kissed effect that brightens and livens up dull hair.

The evolution of balayage is here and it’s name is Foilyage, a technique which also comes from French and offers a more natural and radiant result. It’s a technique designed for women who don’t want to lighten their hair from the root but do want to add a touch of radiance to their hair and skin.

What is Foilyage all about?

The main difference between Balayage and Foilyage is the way the highlights are done: For this new version aluminum foil is used for processing and the word foil in French means aluminum foil. The rest is the same: a comb is used to work the hair freehand.

Another differentiating point is that with Balayage highlights we can sweep the color from root to ends. The highlights are more subtle and it is not clear where they start and finish. In the new Foilyage technique you can also start from the root (it depends on your customer’s preferences) but in the majority of cases the high/lowlights start around the middle to create a more striking effect. This is why you should forget about the roots! Although the concept is similar to Balayage (technique which we can use to combine distinct tones, Foilyage gives the aluminum foil a decisive role when it comes to intensifying color and also creating distinctive layers. The effect can be intensified even further by applying heat for a few minutes. What the technique is aiming for is to create streaks of color which imitate the sun’s rays.

Foilyage high/lowlights are suited to what type of hair?

Although they can be applied to any tone, they are best suited to brunette and darker tones, as what we’re trying to achieve is that sun-kissed look by adding flashes of light.

When it comes to length, this color variation works best on long hair, or hair that goes over the shoulder length. And the most appropriate tones to you will depend on the client and stylist who will help them choose the tones best suited to their natural color, skin and eye color.

What can I expect?

Foilyage will give your hair a very natural finish with added body and lots of shine. By applying heat with the foil the effect is much more intense, which makes it the best option for dark hair, especially as balayage highlights may be too subtle and diffuse for darker hair.

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En cuanto al largo del cabello, el trabajo se apreciará mejor en melenas, como mínimo, por debajo de los hombros. En cuanto a los tonos más adecuados, el estilista profesional se decantará por los que se adapten más a la base, el rostro, la piel y el color de los ojos.

¿Cómo serán los resultados?

El Foilyage aportará a tu melena un look natural con más cuerpo y mucho más brillo. Al aplicarse el color con papel de aluminio, éste es mucho más intenso, lo que hace que sea la mejor opción para los cabellos oscuros, ya que las mechas Balayage a veces pueden llegar a ser demasiado sutiles y difuminadas.

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