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13 November, 2017
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8 January, 2018
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Have you started writing your Christmas list? Discover the beauty products that an urban girl can’t live without.

Don’t know what you want for Christmas? Do you get asked often but don’t really know what to say? If this is you, then there’s nothing you could want more than some professional beauty products to help you look radiant all year round.

Professional styling for salon results at home

Do you like to try new hairstyles at home but can never shape them quite as you’d like? A big part of getting perfect results is using the right styling products.

The Hair to Go range is here to help. Wax, hairspray, mousse and gel to create the looks you like best.

Hair ID personalized hair care

Do you know how important it is to choose the right conditioning mask for your hair? Each hair type is unique and has different needs. This is why Hair ID offers you more than 140 different combination that work right where you need them to. Combine 2 active concentrated and your favorite essence to create a completely personalized mask to suit your hair.

Radiant hair is so easy to achieve!

Regala Belleza en Navidad

Ethernal Moringa: rejuvenate your hair

For everyday, we shouldn’t just let our hair care go. If your hair looks dry and damaged it needs an extra-nourishing boost. The answer comes from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree which will provide your hair with a rejuvenated appearance right from the very first application.

The Ethernal Moringa range contains a shampoo, conditioning mask and hair serum which will help reduce breakages. You’ll soon see your hair looking and feeling more nourished and soft!

Regala Belleza en Navidad

Infinitime: a complete anti-aging range

Over time, the signs of age become more noticeable and we have to put the breaks on before it’s too late. Infinitime is a complete beauty treatment range that combats the aging process.

Choose from eye and lip contour, repairing hand cream, global anti-aging cream, dd perfecting cream, a face mask with beta-endorphins and an eye puffiness and dark circles reducing cream.

Once you’ve tried them all you won’t be able to go without any of them!

Regala Belleza en Navidad

Beauty Flash for your most important dates

For formal meals and important occasions, it’s normal we want to look radiant. Beauty Flash will give your skin instant beauty and vitality, eliminating any signs of fatigue.

Don’t get left without it!

Regala Belleza en Navidad

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