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Which bangs are in style, which one suits me best, how should I wear them? Bangs are trending this 2023, we give you all the guidelines so that it doesn't become your worst nightmare.  

Blanca Suarez, Ana de Armas, Sara Carbonero, Georgina Rodríguez, Penélope Cruz ... there are many it girls who have wanted to renew their haircut by adding a trendy fringe to their look. If you have not yet decided to take the plunge, here is the guide to make the right choice.

French Bang

The French fringe is one of the favorites for 2023. A fringe that is above the eyebrows, slightly open and unkempt. We've already seen this trend on Ana de Armas and in the series Emily in Paris.

A very flattering fringe for round and square faces, but from which elongated faces should refrain. Ideal for all hair types, fine, thick, straight and curly.

Curtain Fringe

The curtain fringe is the most viral fringe on Tik Tok and Pinterest that Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez have also joined. A fringe parted in the middle, in an inverted V and open in the middle, which starts working from below the eyes and merges at the ends with the rest of the hair.

Who does curtain bangs suit? This trend is designed for oval faces, although it can also be used on angular, elongated or broad foreheads. In the latter cases we must take into account other features such as the nose and hair type.

Full Fringe

The more classic fringe also makes a comeback, thick and straight. This cut is not for everyone, as it is not recommended for faces with pronounced cheekbones or jawlines because it will accentuate the square effect of the face.

The bushy fringe is recommended for wide foreheads to soften their features. You can take inspiration from actress Dakota Johnson.

Baby Bangs

Series and movies are a source of inspiration, in every sense. The Baby Bangs fringe is an example of this, we have seen it on Úrsula Corberó in the series La Casa de Papel and also in the series The Bridgertons.

A mini fringe that can give a fresh and youthful look to our haircut. To do it, it should always be cut in the middle of the forehead and the ends should be parted. An easy fringe that suits oval and angular faces.


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