Curly: the new line 100% suitable for curly methods.
February 23, 2023
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24 marzo, 2023
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Curl power! Terra's Curly line was created to enhance waves, curls and afro hair.  

We have collected the most popular techniques you can perform in your routines curly.

Techniques curly for washing: :

For the washing ritual, we highlight three techniques with which you can apply the Curly Shampoo or the Co-Wash.

  • Squish to condish:

Apply the product with the head upside down to mark the curl easily and quickly.

  • Raking:

Spread the product with fingers apart, like a rake.

  • Praying hands:

Apply with hands flattened and together strand by strand. Ideal for porous hair.


Techniques curly to define hair:

With this proposal of curly techniques you can apply Curly Activator, Curly Definition and Curly Oil. Select the most comfortable technique.

  • Pulsing:

Apply strand by strand, gathering the curls from the bottom up.

  • Finger Oil:

Apply in 1 cm sections while twirling the hair on your finger to shape it.

  • Fitagem:

Use your fingers to comb the hair and stretch the strand to finish by pusling it upwards.

  • Shingling:

Apply downward pressure with the impregnating lock to stretch it completely and release when you reach the tip. Ideal for afro hair.


Drying techniques:

To finish your ritual, here are three blow-drying techniques to enhance your curls.

  • Micro Polpping:

Squeeze different sections of the hair with a microfiber towel upwards for 5 minutes.

  • Polpping:

Wrap the hair with a microfiber towel for 15-20 min. Finish drying with a diffuser or air dryer, or wait until completely dry.

  • Wet polpping:

Perform the polpping technique but with a plastic cap to make the hair itself absorb the water completely.


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