What is blue light and how does it affect our skin

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We’ve heard plenty about the damage that UVA rays can do to our skin, but what about blue light? It’s the great unknown and although you may not be aware of it, it can cause great damage to the skin.

The dangers and damage caused by ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) to the skin are well known. One example of this is the large number of protective creams on offer. However, there is another type of radiation on the solar spectrum that’s been forgotten… until now. Have you heard about blue light? Although it was little known until recently, there is gathering evidence of the dangers it can cause.

What is blue light?

Blue light has its origins in nature (it comes from the sun). It regulates our natural sleep cycle. It may also be reproduced artificially, and it is this which is a danger to us. We received blue light from electronic appliances like smartphones, computers, lamps and fluorescent or led lights. It’s been shown that this type of radiation damaged the skin, speeding up the aging process (and, consequently the appearance of wrinkles), the appearance of age spots and the loss of firmness and elasticity.

How does blue light affect our skin?

Visible sun radiation, and especially HEV, penetrates the skin in different degrees, 5% of them are reflected and the remaining 95% are dispersed, absorbed or both. When radiation penetrates the skin’s deepest layer, it suffers oxidative stress, which stimulates the production of free radicals which destroy fibers essential to the skin’s well-being: elastane and collagen, responsible for the skin’s elasticity. So, prolonged exposure to this kind of rays reduces the production of collagen, and over time, accentuates the dreaded premature photoaging.

What difference are there between the different types of radiation?

UVB rays: penetrate the epidermis. They cause the skin to become tanned when you expose it to the sun.

UVA rays: penetrate to the deepest layers of the dermis. They are directly responsible for premature photoaging and the appearance of age spots.

Visible light: modulates hormonal functions due to its antidepressive effect.

Infrared (IR): provides the feeling of warmth and are the cause of sunstroke.

Blue Light Protection System Technology

Lendan Cosmetics has developed this technology with the aim of protecting the face from Blue Light. Essential Reload Prebiotic Daily Cream works like a shield, protecting the skin from the negative effects of this type of radiation. Would you like to try it? You can find the cream in your local beauty salon or through our online store.

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