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Fringe guide according to your face
January 10, 2023
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January 10, 2023
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Our particular Larousse created to have it always at hand and to know what to recommend to your clients as a ritual at home according to the needs of the hair. Attention! Because it has never been so easy to advise.

A simple guide with which you can always give guidelines for proper care at home.


The most dreaded hair condition, you can treat it with Pilosome Stimul. Its formula contains an exclusive complex that acts directly on the hair bulb, regulating its biological cycle and the causes of premature aging.


Scalp flaking can become our worst nightmare, as its visibility makes us feel uncomfortable in many ways. Take action with the Peeling Control treatment! A treatment with anti-dandruff active ingredients to eliminate scalp flaking. Results with the first application.


How to normalize oil secretion in the scalp? Oil Control dermo-balancing treatment maintains, normalizes and balances the scalp. The lime extract in its formula has an astringent effect, helping to control excess oil.

Sensitive Scalp

Itchy and irritated hair requires special and delicate care. Sensocare is the treatment that will bring comfort to the scalp. A soothing treatment that provides well-being and prevents itching. It acts for maximum protection and does not contain sulfates or parabens.


Fine hair without volume needs the Full Volume hair treatment. A line of three products containing the exclusive amplitex system complex that strengthens and revitalizes the hair fiber, resulting in loose, shiny and voluminous hair.


Frizzy and unruly hair is the order of the day. What is the solution for this type of hair? Our experts recommend Extra Liss, a line that protects and regenerates the hair fiber, enhancing its true beauty, softness and shine. Its active d-frizz system complex ensures smooth and disciplined hair.

For hair that has undergone a technical straightening treatment such as Next Liss Age, we can use the maintenance pack consisting of shampoo and spray. These will help to prolong the duration of the straightening while hydrating and nourishing the hair fiber.

In the event that a technical straightening treatment has been performed on weak or brittle hair that requires repair and strength, the best option is the PlexForte line. Formulated to provide structure, strength and repair.


After a color treatment, we want to make it last longer. Color Addict is the at-home ritual that increases the duration of the color, repairs the hair fiber and increases its luminosity.

For gray, bleached or blond hair with a tendency to unwanted yellow and orange tones, we recommend White Charge Shampoo.

And for those who need protection and strength after a technical treatment the best choice is PlexForte. A treatment that repairs the hair structure and provides maximum strength and protection.


The most common diagnosis in salons is lack of hydration and/or nutrition. It is important to have a good hair care routine to avoid dry and damaged hair that can end up developing other types of conditions. The best ritual to moisturize and repair the hair fiber from the inside is the Rich Nutrition intensive moisturizing treatment - the result is soft and shiny hair!


The accentuated lack of hydration can lead to damaged and devitalized hair. For this diagnosis, the at-home ritual we recommend is the Deep Repair line. A deep repair treatment for soft and nourished hair.

This at-home routine can be combined with Oil Essence hair oil, a combination of natural and treating oils that provide shine, strength, hydration and protection.

Rejuvenate the hair fiber

We have talked about hair that lacks moisture and is damaged, but what about dull, very damaged, porous and thick hair? For hair in need of a rejuvenating treatment, Ethernal Moringa could not be missing from our list of recommendations. From the first application the hair will feel more movement, hydration, nutrition, shine and strength.

Within all these lines that we can recommend for use at home we also have products that can give us a plus in the advice and / or result in the hair as could be the CC Hair Cream, Recovery or Hair ID.

The CC Hair Cream is a leave-in hair treatment with 360º action. It has more than 10 benefits among which we highlight its repairing action and its thermal protection. Ideal for all hair, especially hair that uses styling tools on a daily basis.

Recovery ampoules are the shot your hair needs. Use Ultra Repair to repair the hair fiber and Ultra Shine to add shine and body. Combine them with your Care Series treatment to multiply their effects!

Finally, if you want to provide your customers with an exclusive and 100% personalized treatment, we recommend that you take advantage of all the opportunities offered by Hair ID, where you configure the extracts that the customer needs.

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