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February 23, 2023
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February 24, 2023
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No silicones, no sulfates, no drying alcohols... and a long list of "without an extensive list of "without" that makes that your curls look more hydrated, nourished and defined. Terra's new Curly Terra's new Curly line was created with the objective to enhance natural curls, provide definition and movement through formulas with natural ingredients and 100% aptos for the curly method. curly.  

A complete line based on the natural wealth that Cuba has to offer and with a sustainable approach created byo for all types of curls.

Care routine method curly:

In order to define the appropriate routine, we must perform a preliminary diagnosis to detect the type of curl and determine the hair's needs.

Wavy hair mostly requires definition, while compact curls require nourishment and hydration and afro hair requires nourishment and protection. Depending on the type of curl we are going to work with, our routine will have a different step by step.

In the case of wavy hair the most suitable method will be the LCO where the Curly Shampoo is applied as a first step, in the case of deep cleansing, or the Co-Wash, on a daily basis. Then we apply the Curly Activator, followed by the Curly Definition and finally the Curly Oil.

In the case of compact curls the ideal routine would be LOC, this routine would start with the Curly Shampoo or Co-Wash, depending if it is a deep wash or not. We would continue with Curly Oil, followed by Curly Activator and finally Curly Definition.

If the hair to be treated is afro the perfect method would be LOCOIf the hair to be treated is afro, we would start, as in the rest of the rituals, with the Curly Shampoo or Co-Wash. Then we would apply the Curly Oil, follow with the Curly Activator and the Curly Definition, and finally we would apply the Curly Oil again.


How to apply each step by step?  

We have summarized the steps to be applied in each routine according to the type of curl, but how should we apply each product and what does each step do for the hair? A Here you will see the importance and benefits of each of the steps mentioned above.

1. Cleansing detoxifying cleansing with Low Poo Shampoo. Massage gently in a rotating motion, without rubbing the scalp and without rubbing or washing from the mid-lengths to the ends to avoid dragging the hair's natural oils hair.

2. Moisturizing with Co-Wash Treatment. Apply a generous amount and distribute using the Curly Curly technique. Curly technique wash technique. Leave on for 1 minute and rinse. It is recommended to detangle the hair with the Curly comb.

Tip: try to throw the water in the same natural direction of the hair at a temperature as cold as possible. Alternate this step with Low Poo Shampoo once a week.

3. Preparation of the curl with the Curl Activator cream. Apply the quantity Apply the necessary amount to damp, clean hair using the desired definition technique. Apply a small amount and applying progressively. Do not rinse.

4. Definition with Curl Definition Gel. Application strand by strand by strand using the definition technique. Do not rinse. Untangle if this has not been done before.

Tip: try to throw the water in the same natural direction of the hair at a temperature as cold as possible. Alternate this step with Low Poo Shampoo once a week.

5. Sealing with the Multi-Purpose Curl Oil. Spray on damp hair during blow-drying or on dry hair to refresh the hair. refresh shine and seal the treatment.

Tip: depending on the type of curl, we can use the oil after moisturizing or as the final step of the routine. Curly.

6. Reactivation with the Curl Activator cream. Application for days after shampooing. Can be applied wet or dry lock by lock in small quantities.


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