Layered cut: how to wear the cut of the moment

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5 October, 2018
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Get your newest look from this article. Your hair is crying out for a radical makeover, so why not a layered cut? It’s one of the season’s hottest looks and we’re not surprised. Want to know how to wear it?

In the 90s it had its moment of glory and is now rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Currently the layered look is enjoying a rebirth with an even more layered cut that results in added movement and can be used to create volume on different levels. In the old days layers were much more clearly defined but the secret to today’s layered style is in creating more subtle and gradual layers, mixing them to perfection until you can hardly tell where one finishes and another begins. To make sure the final result looks good, unless your hair is short or bob length, the final layers should be below the jawline or even lower to prevent the focus resting on the cheek area and creating a mushroom effect.

The layered cut has come back because, aside from being very flattering, is adds movement and volume, even on fine hair. If the layers created are shorter then greater volume will be achieved. If the layers are medium length or long then we can use the cut to reduce hair quantity on abundant manes.

Warning! This cut won’t work on XL manes with little volume or on straight hair that rests on the shoulders as the hair ends will be difficult to control.

Which face shapes does it suit?

Without a doubt, it is best suited to round face shapes with long hair as it will help to lengthen the face. Square faces are better suited to a bob with short, informal layers cut at chin length to create a more oval shape by adding volume to the top of the head. Lastly, rectangular faces, the cut should start from the chin with a rounded form to soften pronounced jawlines.  

Ideally the layered cut should be combined with gentle waves, this will help boost volume and create a more natural finish.

The last tip! If you want to really nail the look then why not add some balayage highlights to the ends. Hair which combines various tones will have greater illumination and movement.

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