Take your moustache to the next level at Movember!

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5 November, 2020
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Here's the complete guide on how to wear your moustache, how to care for it and why to show it off during Movember. Bring out your moustache with all the tips we've collected on our blog from the experts! 

Movember & moustache

Much more than a moustache! Movember is a movement focused on making male diseases visible, so they decided to turn the moustache into the icon of this cause, hence the relationship between the moustache and Movember. Do you want to join the Movember movement? 

Get inspired with 2020 moustaches

There is no age to grow a moustache, celebrities, athletes and influencers alike have opted to wear it in style without being hindered by their age. We have collected the trendiest for this Movember 2020. 

  • English moustache: a classic that dates back to the Elizabethan era where the moustache took centre stage due to its elongated shape. The key difference compared to other moustaches of the time is that this one was allowed to grow over the ends of the mouth. You can take inspiration from Zac Efron to get the English moustache.
  • Chevron moustache: Another classic that is characterised by its thickness and ends at the corner of the mouth. Undoubtedly, a very stylish moustache that Brad Pitt couldn't resist in 2019.
  • Pencil Moustache: fine and neat like Robert Taylor's Robert Taylor, a silhouette that made all the men of the time irresistible. The latest and most modern version of the pencil moustache was worn by Paco León with a shaved beard that gave it a slight shading.

How to care for your moustache? 

It's clear that trimming is the key to keeping your moustache looking its best, but what are the essential products to keep maintenance from becoming a nightmare?

In your shaving ritual you can not miss the 3in1an energising energising shaving gel that cleanses in depth while stimulating the skin for a revitalising action. As the name suggests, it is a shampoo-gel with 3 products in 1 bottle. Its formula means it can also be used as a body gel and shampoo.

After shaving, you can't miss the Warrior Defense. A facial serum prebiotic and moisturising facial serum for daily beard and after shave care. Use it to quickly soothe and regenerate the skin, reducing discomfort, irritation and possible infections caused by shaving. Join the Movember movement with the daily care line Hair to Go Men!

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