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The bob or long bob will continue to be the undisputed king of this year's haircuts. Many have surrendered to the charm of the mid-length bob for its versatility and, above all, its comfort. We discover the hairstyling trends that will accompany it this 2018.

Although we like to wear our hair long in winter, the undisputed fashion trend will once again be the mid-length bob. The bob or long-bob very asymmetrical at the collarbone will be the most popular cuts on the street style.

Another trend that will hit hard will be the layered or neo-layered cut, perfect to update the look and give movement and volume to our hair. Ah! And we can't leave out the fringe. Yes, even if you're not quite convinced or are a little afraid of it, the curtain fringe is back to stay. It's the perfect accessory to help you change your look quickly. Alternatively, if you don't want to go under the scissors but need to look different, you can go for straight XXL fringes without cutting them.

In terms of shades, blonde will continue to be the star. Both in cooler tones, such as ash blonde, and in warmer tones, such as golden blonde. If you are one of the more daring ones, your favourite colour will undoubtedly be platinum polar blonde. It will give you a modern and cool look.

If your base colour is dark, you should be aware that blonde hair needs a lot of care, especially if you choose platinum. After bleaching, it is therefore necessary to use hair care products that help to moisturise, regenerate the scalp and protect the colour. The Lendan hair care Colour Addict treatment line will help seal, protect and regenerate the cuticle, ensuring maximum colour retention and is sure to become a must in your beauty routine!

If you don't dare with these shades but you want to lighten your hair a bit, go for highlights. The technique of balayage is still very much in fashion. This consists of keeping the roots dark and working the ends of the hair with light blonde tones in a gradual way to achieve the most natural result possible.

If you are one of the daring ones and you are thinking of changing radically, try fantasy colours such as pink, violet or blue, both on the whole hair or just on the ends. You'll definitely rejuvenate your look and give your hair a stylish, rebellious edge.

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