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1 February, 2019
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Marine collagen has become a star ingredient thanks to its regenerative properties and a powerful weapon against wrinkles. The benefits it brings your skin are inumerable. And if you still haven’t heard much about this protein then we’re here to tell you why it can’t be missing from your beauty routine.

Collagen is a natural substance, part of the group of proteins, which carries out one of the body’s most important functions. We could define it as the body’s cement. Its mission is to preserve the firmness and tone of the tissues, as well as maintaining appropriate hydration levels. The problem is that, over time, its production begins to wane, provoking the aging of tissues and increasing skin flaccidity. Marine collagen is an active ingredient which comes from a natural source and has similar properties to human collagen, capable of restoring the proteins which the body gradually loses.

The benefits of marine collagen

Its properties are countless. As well as tone and hydration, marine collagen is notable for:


Marine collagen acts just like the true collagen produced naturally by our bodies. This collagen regenerates our skin and bestows the tissues with consistency, preventing the formation of expression lines and wrinkles. Its regular application ensures more nourished skin, with less visible wrinkles and highly elastic skin.


It increases the resistance of cutaneous tissues when faced with UV rays, which improves overall firmness and appearance.


It’s an effective waterproof layer which prevents moisture loss. Regular application guarantees more moisturized, plump and brighter skin.

Combats acne

Marine collage boosts the creation and regeneration of tissues, a key aspect in the fight against skin problems like acne, psoriasis or rosacea.

Vitamin Forza C, the cosmetic range with marine collagen

Marine collagen is one of the active ingredients which gives the Vitamin Forza C range, by Lendan, unique regenerating  properties. You can find it in the Nourishing Skin Cream, the Regenerating Moisturizing Cream Fluid and the Intensive Repair Treatment. Let’s see what benefits each one offers!  

Nourishing Skin Cream: protects the skin from the day-to-day oxidation caused by environmental factors, regenerating and repairing damaged tissues. It has extraordinary nourishing properties thanks to wild rose oil and shea butter.

Regenerating Moisturizing Cream Fluid: suitable for all skin types, it provides the skin with repairing and regenerating properties and protects against day-to-day damage. Its protection from free radicals makes it especially recommendable for dull and lifeless skin. It should be applied both morning and night. You’ll just love its gentle orange scent.

Intensive Repair Treatment: if your skin looks dull then these vials will be your new best friend for effective brightening and revitalizing. Apply the contents of one vial evenly all over your face and neckline with a gentle massaging motion. They’ll soon become an essential part of your beauty routine!  

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