Happy Mother’s Day Mum! Special Mother’s Day Pack

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22 March, 2018
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Because you love her loads! You don’t need any other reason to surprise your mum with an exclusive beauty pack which will help your mum to feel even more amazing than ever.

She’s always been there for you. She’s given you her unconditional love and support, her tireless strength and energy, she’s finds things for you in the blink of an eye and how often has she been right about something (even if it makes you mad), and given you advice worth its weight in gold. For these reasons and many more, your mother deserves a gift that’s fitting.

At Lendan Cosmetics we’ve designed a truly beautiful case with the best beauty products that will leave her skin looking radiant.

. Prebiotic Micellar Water. In one simple step it cleans thoroughly, removing makeup, soothing and conditioning the skin without the need to rinse. Skin is clean, soft and hydrated. Its composition based on Aloe Vera, Chia Oil and Squalane allows it to gently remove andy makeup remains, without irritating or dehydrating the skin. A godsend!

. Daily Prebiótica Cream. Nothing will glow quite like your skin thanks to this daily-use, absorbent, non-oily cream that provides 24 hour moisturization. It repairs and protects skin from everyday damage, boosting tolerance levels. It will be your strongest ally against weakening of the immune system and the breakdown of elastane and collagen fibers. It contains sun filter SPF15 and protection against Blue Light (from television, smartphone screens, among others) because she deserves the best possible care every single day.

 . Prebiotic Enzymatic Scrub. Your mother is always beautiful and doesn’t need filters but giving your skin some TLC is never misplaced. The Essential Reload Enzymatic Scrub eliminates impurities and renews the outer layers of the epidermis. Its dual action combines physical exfoliation with biodegradable cellulose particles and bio-enzymatic exfoliation which imitates the skin’s natural skin renewal. The micro granules (physical exfoliation) eliminate the most superficial impurities, restoring the skin’s brightness and youth. She’ll see the years melt away!

You only have one mum, so why not treat her to a special beauty-boosting gift, with a little help from Lendan Cosmetics.  

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