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11 April, 2021
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14 April, 2021
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We have merged the technology PlexForte technology technology with the latest advances in colouring to transform the bleaching process into a high performance service with maximum hair care and protection. Discover this must-have wonder in your salon!

A new product family consisting of three references with individual function and maximum performance when used together.

  • PowerDeco: discoloration in the form of compact powder with a mattifying balance thanks to the blue-violet pigment that allows up to 10 shades of lightening with a high respect for the hair fibre.
  • Oxi Blue: activating emulsion with high oxidising power and maximum respect for the hair fibre. Specially designed to work on bleaching, highlights or super-lightening hair dyes. super-lightening due to its mattifying effect.
  • Blond Control Oil: Blond Control Oil: Blond Control Oil helps to stabilise the reaction and modulate the action of bleaching while combating unwanted highlights. Developed with strengthening strengthening technologytechnology, with proven efficacy, treatment technology PlexForte.

How to apply Bleaching PlexForte?

  • Controlled lightening on natural hair: achieves lightening of 2 to 4 shades on natural hair mixing at a ratio of 1+2 Blond Control Oil and Oxi Blue (50g+ 100g).

Recommended for lightening natural hair, techniques babylights, reflection breakage, soft lightening, hair bleaching and colour degradation.

  • High lightening and maximum protection: Achieves 6 to 8 shades of lightening. The protective oil Blond Control Oil will define the process by graduating the lightening and increasing the treatment and nuance of the oil.zand can work more actively and with more control. Suitable for all hair types.

In order to work with a high lightening and maximum protection, we will mix with a 1+2 bleach ratio. Power Deco with Oxi Blue (40g + 80g). Subsequently, we will add ½ part (resto Power Deco) of oil Blond Control Oil. It is important to mix the bleach with the oxidant first and add the oil last, if you change the order it can affect the effectiveness of the bleaching. order can affect the effectiveness of the bleaching.

  • Maximum lightening and neutralisation: Achieves 6-10 shades of lightening. Recommended for processes of maximum lightening and definition of fashion techniques. Maximum effectiveness and neutralisation of reflections derived from oxidation. Suitable for all hair types looking for maximum lightening.Suitable for all hair types looking for maximum lightening.

To do this, we will mix 1+3 to 1+2 decolouring agent Power Deco with Oxi blue (40g + 80g - 120g).

Visualise the step by step of #DecolouringPlexForte 

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