What are the benefits of thalassotherapy for your hair?

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The talasotherapy is a therapy based on the use of different marine media, together or separately, as a therapeutic agent. The Hydration Hydration Terra's Hydration line recovers the benefits of the different elements of the marine environment as therapeutic agents. therapeutic agents and treating agents for the hair.

This line is inspired by Australiawith 80% of the world's biological diversity. diversitybiodiversity, it provides elements of the marine environment that are recovered as therapeutic and treatment agents agents for the hair, and which give name to the talastotherapy therapy.

What hair care products can we find?

The Hydration line is composed of three products: Hydration Shampoo, Hydration Mask y Hydration UV Protector.

A champú a moisturizer that balances and repairs the hair, based on algae and marine concentrates. Eliminates residues and pollution while protecting against UV rays, breakage and external damage.

A nutrient-rich mask marinethat moisturizes and repairs deeply, obtaining healthy, very strong, radiant-looking hair that is more resistant to laggressions.

The spray bifase hair fiber protector and strengthener, based on algae and marine concentrates. Prevents color loss, prevents breakage and protects against UV radiation. A non-greasy formula that provides nourishment, resistance and strength to the hair.hair.


What ingredients are found in the formulas Hydration?

  • Rice:

Structural repair effect. Prevents keratin degradation up to 66% after sun exposure. Low molecular weight rice plow molecular weight rice protein penetrates and strengthens the hair cortex by formation of new keratin bonds.

  • Marine Minerals:

Moisturizing. Reduces frizz and improves flexibility. Regulates and rehydrates the hair fiber, preventing water loss for more elastic and shiny hair..

  • Seaweed:

Antioxidant and nutritive. Reduces nutrientloss. Combination of 3 algae present in regions of Australia selected for their moisturizing and highly nourishing properties on the hair.

  • UV filter:

Sunscreen. Protects and restores the natural natural shine up to 100%. Protective shield that repairs damage from solar radiation to reduce the effects of sun damage.nerand protects through a broad-spectrum sunscreen..

  • Essential oils:

Combination of essential oils that provide a purifying and soothing action that balances the scalp and envelops it in a delicate aroma with a relaxing effect..


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