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14 April, 2021
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From light waves to light to extreme curls extreme curls, this ritual has the keys to the care and maintenance of sublime curls. ¿Listfor a hydrated and bouncy curl?

Lendan Cosmetics provides Would you like to discover the formulas specially formulated for this type of hair? Would you like to know the techniques to get the most out of any type of curl? Let's go there!

Identify your curl type

Before revealing the essentials for a defined curl we must identify whether it is a wavy, curly or afro mane, each will have specific needs.Each of these will have a specific need.íEach of them will have a specific need that we will cover with the ritual.

  • Wavy: flexible hair that can change shape easily and quickly. It is difficult for them to maintain a long-lasting shape, so their main need is for curl formation and definition. 
  • Curly: they show a more defined curl and their main need is to nourish the hair so that it does not lose protection and natural texture. Moisturising and protecting the hair is their main objective.
  • Afro: fragile hair that suffers from constant water loss. The most suitable products for this type of curls are nourishing and moisturising products that manage to conserve water. 

Ritual for manes curly

There are three essential points in the ritual for curly manes curly that you must not miss.

Step 1. Cleanliness and gentleness. Ehe first step to a perfect curl is a gentle wash. The Ethernal Ethernal Shampoo Moringa Shampoo contains a highly moisturising formula that provides conditioning and volume without frizz. Its Moringa oil strengthens, moisturises and disciplines the hair during the styling process.

Step 2. Moisturising and nourishing. After washing it is time to nourish, moisturise and repair the hair fibre to ensure maximum vitality and strength. useFor this we will use the Deep Repair Mask. Its active component of hydrolysed keratin has a reconstructing function. reconstructive function nourishes, eliminates frizz and frizzsoftness and restores the hair's natural manageability. Thus achieving a nourished and lively curl.

For this resulto For this result, we recommend applying a generous amount of of the Deep Repair Mask and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes beforel rinsing.

Step 3. Curl Activator Curl Up. To finish the ritual of curly apply the Curl Up Curl Up gel with the pulsingspring technique without towel to mark and fix the curl. It takes care of the hair while stabilising it, controlling humidity and frizz.

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