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2 December, 2021
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13 January, 2022
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As many styles as brides, ais reflected in the 2022 calendar of Lendan Cosmetics. Inspiration and trends that we are going to see in the new year - take note!

Half updosbraids and classic buns decorated with flowers that add a twist of originality to the originality. Hair accessories haven have been one of the most chosen options among brides. In of this wide range of possibilities ee find options for all styles.

Step by step to get the looks of the 2022 calendar

  • Ponytail with headdress: To achieve this look we prepared the hair with Sugar Spray and Boomerang. We used curling tongs to get the wave and then applied Chic Fix extra strong hold hairspray.

  • Semi side parting: wwith U Rock mousse and Fix'N Move flexible hold hairspray we can achieve long-lasting soft waves.

  • Semi updo with braid: to achieve this look we prepared the hair with mousse and marked it with tongs, once the hairstyle was set up, we finished with a bit of Nature Fix and Polish.

  • Chignon: Liss Keeper texturising spray and Polish shine spray are a must for this look. A transformation of the classic bun with fringes.

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