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12 February, 2019
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Our skin is constantly changing. Over time, we lose substances that are essential for keeping it looking young, such as collagen or elastin. Its needs evolve, and this is why it’s important to know how to care for it over each life stage. Find out which is the best care and the most suitable product to keep your skin looking radiant at 20 to 60 years of age

As we get older not only our bodies change, our skin does too. Over the year, the skin’s needs change and if at 15 our main problem was acne, at 35 loss of tone and the appearance of wrinkles are our worst enemy.

Here we go over some of the key changes at each stage and how to deal with them to ensure great skin whatever your age:

In your twenties

At this age, the skin possesses a correct level of hydration and secretes the perfect amount of sebum to stay looking firm and young. What we should do now is work on prevention, and start thinking about the future. So, make sure that your routine contains a good moisturizing cream, daily cleansing and the use of sun protection to ensure your skin doesn’t suffer. If you have very dry or very oily skin, then we recommend the use of a face mask on a weekly basis.

Recommended product: at this age, we’d like to place special emphasis on the importance of cleansing the face twice a day (both morning and night). This way, we can make sure any impurities are removed and prevent unsightly blocked pores or spots from appearing. Skin needs to breathe every day, during the night it is regenerated and better situated to absorbing nutrients and components. If, on the other hand, we leave makeup and other impurities on overnight, the skin can’t breathe and tends to become dull and less elastic. This is where Prebiotic Micellar Water can become your best friend. It’s a whole new oleo-aqueous (no-rinse) micellar system that eliminates all types of makeup and impurities without endangering the skin’s natural protective barrier. It’s suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and oily skin.

In your thirties

It’s a time of change. The first expression lines begin to appear and the risk of suffering from cellulite and stretch marks increases. During this period, hydration continues to be vital and we should begin to use a nourishing or firming cream at night.

Recommended product: Prebiotic Daily Cream strengthens the skin’s natural defence system, providing well-being and long-lasting comfort. Its combination of active ingredients keeps skin moisturized for up to 24 hours, with instant action and long-lasting skin comfort sensation.

In your forties

At this age, the skin loses firmness and elasticity, and this is why wrinkles become more noticable, especially around the eyes and mouth. So it’s important to provide some intensive nourishment and use products which contain active ingredients such as Vitamin C, which have a firming effect. It’s also a good idea to exfoliate once a week to stimulate the skin cells into producing collagen.

Recommended product: add Eye and Lip Care from Infinitime to your routine. Its instant-action lifting effect combats the signs of aging around the lips and eyes, preventing dermo-contractions and plumping up wrinkles from the inside. This reduces their depth and diminishes their appearance.

In your fifties

The dreaded menopause is here or on its way. During this period, the skin has a flaccid and lifeless appearance. We quickly lose minerals and vitamins, which leaves skin less firm. These changes are especially noticeable on the hands, neck and neckline.

So, in this case we need a vitamin boost to restore collagen and elasticity. We should also use a product which eliminates wrinkles and skin spots. We also recommend progressive exfoliation, which will help your skin to stay radiant and bright, oxygenated and moisturized.

Recommended product: Nourishing Skin Cream from the Forza Vitamin C range is an effective weapon for your beauty regime. Its extraordinary texture nourishes the skin, regenerating and repairing the cutaneous tissues. It contains marine collagen, which preserves skin firmness and  protects the tissues, as well as offering optimum moisturization, along with a combination of Orange Concentrate, vitamin C, vitamin E and essential orange peel oil.

In your sixties

We can now refer to skin at mature. During this period it’s important to use cosmetics which prevent dryness and repair the skin from deep within. Anti-aging serums, lifting-effect products and products which act on skin spots are all good choices.

Recommended product: Global Age-delay Cream by Infinitime combats aging on all levels, contributing to the progressive reduction and filling of wrinkles. From the very first day you will be able to see for yourself how wrinkle depth is reduced, your cutis is moisturized and smooth and has a more even and brighter skin tone. It will also look firmer and livelier.

Now you have the keys to your skin care routine and know exactly what your skin needs to look radiant always.

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