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16 January, 2019
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You’ve probably never really noticed this component before, but from now on you should. Squalane is used for moisturizing skin and preventing moisture loss. Discover its benefits and why it’s so important if you want your skin to look truly beautiful.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised to know that we humans have naturally occurring squalane in our bodies. It’s a lipid (popularly known as fat) that represents, approximately, 12-15% of our sebum. This component works like a barrier, protecting the skin from moisture loss and external damage. And now you ask, if we already have it in our bodies, why do we need more? The answer is simple: as we get older our squalane levels drop significantly, affecting our skin texture and leaving it unprotected and more exposed to damage from external sources like the sun or pollution.

What is plant squalane?

In cosmetics plant squalane is used; it is a polyunsaturated hydrocarbon derived from the Vitamin E extracted from plant sources. This active presents a great similarity with the natural lipids that can be found in our skin. It restores the skin barrier making it ideal for irritated, dry or sensitive skin.

What are the properties of Squalane?

. It’s a powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells from the free radicals that cause skin to age.

. Its highly moisturizing  properties hydrate the skin, reaching deep within and softening even the most extremely dry and irritated areas.

. It has a powerful natural antibacterial effect that’s gentle on the most sensitive of skin.

. It reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

. Improves the skin’s elasticity.

. Prevents the appearance of dark marks or sunspots.

Essential Reload, the range that’s rich in squalane

The products in the Essential Reload face and body range contain this special hydrocarbon that’s so essential for protecting skin.

Squalane is one of the elements responsible for increasing the skin’s barrier function and contained in all of the products in the range to prevent moisture loss and boost hydration. The squalane found in Essential reload is a natural derivative of squalene, one of the main components found in the skin’s hydrolipid layer. This is sourced from plants such as olives and covers the loss that cleansing or makeup removing can cause, strengthening the skin’s natural defense system.

Skin is the body’s natural shield, so it’s important to give is the right care with quality cosmetics.

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