Essential Reload

22 June, 2021

NEW! Prepare, protect and repair skin with Prebiotic Protective Cream SPF50+.

The new face cream from the Essential Reload range has become an essential skin care product. Its formula protects against the various types of [...]
15 February, 2021

Three essentials to look after your skin's defences

There are three essential care products that you must have to repair, prepare and protect the skin's natural defence barrier. It's time to give your skin the active ingredients it needs to [...]
30 September, 2019

Their struggle is our struggle too!

World Breast Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated on 19 October. Once again, Lendan Cosmetics is joining in the fight against breast cancer [...]
31 July, 2019

How to apply moisturiser correctly?

We have already warned you on several occasions and today, we will do it again. When it comes to using a cosmetic product, it's not only the ingredients that matter [...]
23 July, 2019

Which make-up remover should I use depending on my skin type?

In previous articles we have already talked about the importance of removing make-up before going to bed in order to have a luminous and clear skin.
4 July, 2019

The consequences of not removing make-up

Let anyone who hasn't gone to bed without putting on make-up cast the first stone. We know, sometimes removing make-up can be a [...]
13 May, 2019

Prebiotics, the protectors of our skin's balance

Keeping the skin in constant balance is essential to protect it from the innumerable attacks, both external and internal, that it suffers on a daily basis and that alter not only its [...]
1 February, 2019

Squalane, your skin protector

You've probably never paid attention to this component before, but now you should. Squalane is responsible for providing hydration to the skin and [...]
4 January, 2019

Stress is the enemy! These are the consequences it has on your skin

We have always been concerned about protecting our skin from external factors such as the sun, pollution or changes in temperature, but... what about internal factors? The [...]
21 December, 2018

Why does your skin become dehydrated?

Keeping the skin hydrated is a key factor for a youthful and radiant appearance. Abrupt changes in temperature, age, pollution or the effects of the [...]
10 December, 2018

Your skin will never be the same when you try the bi-phase make-up remover!

Make-up removal and skin cleansing must be part of your beauty routine. We know that you lead a hectic life and that your skin [...]
26 October, 2018

Get rid of blackheads for good

Do you dream of having smooth, glowing skin without a trace of blackheads? The key to preventing these imperfections from appearing is to purify and cleanse your [...]
11 October, 2018

The benefits of exfoliating the skin

Skin cells are renewed every 28 days, so it is essential to remove dead skin cells from our skin and stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, which is why we [...]
5 October, 2018

Whisking, the cocktail bar applied to beauty

"Mixed, not shaken". The famous phrase of the most famous special agent in cinema reaches the aesthetics sector. Because when you work as a team, the results are [...]
13 September, 2018

What is your skin's worst enemy?

Did you know that 80% of skin ageing is due to environmental pollution? Yes, our skin has two great enemies: atmospheric pollution and the lack [...]
12 September, 2018

Top secrets about Microbiota, the invisible barrier that protects the skin

It is the great unknown. Many of us have recently never heard of the microbiota, the transparent barrier that protects the skin [...]
31 August, 2018

The keys to avoiding facial blemishes

The sun is one of the main factors that leads to the appearance of blemishes on the face. Solar radiation penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin [...]
26 July, 2018

Solutions to common summer problems

Summer has one thing in common. Whether you're in one part of the world or another, the typical problems of this season are the same for [...]
24 July, 2018

The golden rules of face masks

If you want to show off beautiful skin, facial masks will be your greatest allies. No beauty treatment would be complete without a face mask [...]
15 June, 2018

Why can't you live without face masks?

It is always a good time to apply a face mask. Daily cleansing and moisturising of the face and a proper diet will be decisive when it comes to [...]
8 June, 2018

Urban legends about facial moisturising

Moisturising your skin correctly is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of health. Your friends tell you one thing, you read other things on the Internet and you have a mess [...]