11 January, 2019

Top beauty tips to tame your hair on rainy days

No one is spared! A rainy and humid day can ruin the hairstyle you were so proud of. But don't worry... there's a solution! Here are the [...]
14 December, 2018

Straight or wavy? We show you how to get the best look this holiday season.

Are these dates full of dinners, lunches and various events and would you like to change your look a bit? We understand. You don't want to go with your [...]
30 November, 2018

The hairstyles that will be a hit for Christmas

We give you a sneak preview of the hairdressing trends for these special dates. Ponytails, braids, high updos, low updos... This year the classics are reinvented to welcome 2019 [...]
9 September, 2018

Media couples who share a hairdresser

And they say it, two who sleep on the same mattress, become of the same condition... now that you will see that there are some who mimic each other in [...]
22 June, 2018

Full volume hair! The best tricks for voluminous hair

Thin hair is giving you a headache? If you're tired of seeing your hair looking dull and lifeless and you'd like to look great, read on...
8 May, 2018

The ponytails that will steal your heart

We can't help it, ponytails have stolen our hearts! They're so versatile... low ponytail, high ponytail, high ponytail with waves, ponytail with a [...]
27 April, 2018

The best hairstyles to disguise the fact that you haven't had a chance to wash your hair

S.O.S. I haven't had time to wash my hair! How many times have you had this feeling of panic. We want to help you by showing you the hairstyles that will help you to [...]
27 April, 2018

When is the best time to cut hair?

Yes, my friend, there is a better time to cut your hair. If you want to show off a shiny, beautiful and, above all, strong mane, you must take into account [...]
19 April, 2018

The ultimate tips to avoid frizziness

Do you look like a lioness every time it rains? If you want to put an end to frizz, we have the solution!
6 April, 2018

The perfect hairstyles to disguise your fringes

Horror! You've just cut your fringes and you're not convinced? Don't worry. Disguising your fringe is possible (and without extensions!) with the hairstyles that you [...]
30 January, 2018

The cuts we'll be wearing this 2018

The bob or long bob will continue to be this year's undisputed king in terms of haircuts. There are many who have surrendered to [...]