4 September, 2019

How should I care for my hair after summer?

The sun, wind, chlorine and salt spray wreak havoc on our hair. When we come back from our holidays, our hair does not look as [...]
4 January, 2019

Stress is the enemy! These are the consequences it has on your skin

We have always been concerned about protecting our skin from external factors such as the sun, pollution or changes in temperature, but... what about internal factors? The [...]
21 December, 2018

Why does your skin become dehydrated?

Keeping the skin hydrated is a key factor for a youthful and radiant appearance. Abrupt changes in temperature, age, pollution or the effects of the [...]
10 December, 2018

Your skin will never be the same when you try the bi-phase make-up remover!

Make-up removal and skin cleansing must be part of your beauty routine. We know that you lead a hectic life and that your skin [...]
6 December, 2018

Anti-ageing care for oily skin

Contrary to popular belief, oily skin must be properly moisturised if you want to prevent the appearance of oily skin [...].
23 November, 2018

How lack of sleep affects your skin

It's been said. Sleeping 8 hours a day is the best beauty trick, is it true? If you've ever wondered how insomnia affects your [...]
18 January, 2018

Tips for repairing damaged hair

Lately have you been noticing that your hair just isn't what it used to be? It's time to give it back the shine and vitality it used to have. Take note of [...]
10 October, 2017
Care for your skin

Care for your skin

It is important to have well cared for and moisturised skin at any age. If you want to enhance your natural beauty it is important to follow a daily beauty routine. […]