11 November, 2019
Here's what haircuts will look like in 2020

Here's what haircuts will look like in 2020

Thinking of changing your look? If you want to revamp your haircut and need some inspiration, here are the trends for 2020. Fringes, bob and bob haircuts, [...]
15 October, 2019

Ginger shades, the new colour trend

If there is a warm, luminous and sensual colour par excellence, it is red. And this will be one of the most successful shades [...]
23 July, 2019

The shades that will brighten up your hair

Platinum, golden blondes and highlights are some of the most popular trends during these warmer months. And it is [...]
31 May, 2019

The 5 most successful blondes in the salon

When it comes to hair colouring, blonde is still the king of the salon but just because it's the most popular shade doesn't mean that we all have to go blonde.
3 May, 2019

Chocolate, the sweetest colouring for your mane

Do you know what stars like Charlize Theron, Emilia Clarke, Cate Blanchett and Mandy Moore have in common? They all share the most popular hair colour in recent years.
5 April, 2019

S.O.S. curls: here are the tips you need to follow for a beautiful curly mane

Contrary to what you may think, curly hair is much more complicated than straight hair. A magnet for frizz and tangles, curls are a [...]
3 April, 2019

Ashy brown, a breath of fresh air for your mane

Would you like to renew your look? Let us introduce you to the colour that will mark a before and after in your hair: the ash brown. It is a [...]
1 February, 2019

Absolutes Ultra Blonde: the blondes you've been waiting for

Lendan Cosmetics presents 4 new shades of the Absolutes Activia Plant family: the Ultra Blonde. A combination of extreme blondes full of strength and luminosity - discover them!
28 September, 2018

Cold Brew Hair, the best-kept trick for chestnuts

Stay with this name because you are going to hear it a lot during the last months of the year. Do you want to know what this technique consists of? Read on and find out [...]
20 July, 2018

The cosmetics you can't miss in your summer toiletries bag

In summer, our skin's needs change. Just as you change your wardrobe, you must also adapt your cosmetics to the high temperatures.
13 July, 2018

What are millennials looking for in cosmetics?

When we buy a cosmetic product we want to make the most of all its benefits. Not only do we want its formula to improve our skin, but we also want to make sure that its [...]
6 July, 2018

The ultimate technique to straighten your hair... and make it last more than two days!

It takes you a long time to straighten your hair and in one day you lose it? It's a shame! Here we reveal the techniques to achieve a smooth and [...]
6 July, 2018

How should cosmetics be cared for?

When we buy a cosmetic product we want to make the most of all its benefits. Not only do we want its formula to improve our skin, but we also want to make sure that its [...]
4 July, 2018

Foilyage: how to go from a dull mane to one full of light

This is the new version of the balayage highlights: the Foilyage, a technique in which reflections are created that imitate the sun's rays, giving the hair a [...]
5 June, 2018

Pixie, the most versatile and trendy garçon cut

Parisian style, curly, casual, grunge, with a wet effect... The possibilities offered by the pixie cut are endless. And apart from being a [...]
30 January, 2018

The cuts we'll be wearing this 2018

The bob or long bob will continue to be this year's undisputed king in terms of haircuts. There are many who have surrendered to [...]
19 December, 2017

Neither blonde nor red hair. Blorange is worn

No blonde, no red hair. This season's slightly orange strawberry blonde, known as blorange (blonde + orange), is one of the TOP trends if you're looking for a [...]
19 December, 2017

Trendy hairstyles for boyish cuts

Boyish or bob, between them the war is on to see which haircut will be the most popular this 2018. If you've decided to go through the [...]
28 November, 2017
Haircuts that have nearly eclipsed the long bob

Haircuts that have nearly eclipsed the long bob

Are you thinking about a change of look? Before you make a decision, it's best to take a look at the hairstyles that have been on the verge of unseating the [...]
23 November, 2017
Change of look? Maybe it's reversible

Change of look? Maybe it's reversible

Fringes, bob cuts, incredible lengths... celebrities are constantly changing their look and in a matter of days they appear with their conventional look again. How is it that [...]
14 November, 2017
Simple updos to look perfect

Simple updos to look perfect

Days should have more hours! At least that's what many of us think when we see that we don't have time to dedicate to our daily [...]