26 February, 2020

The single dose of Vitamin C that we all need from 30 onwards

The most 'glowing' treatment that exists (so far) and that everyone over 30 should apply for its antioxidant properties. Discover all the [...]
16 September, 2019

What is photoageing and how does it affect our skin?

The appearance of the dreaded spots and wrinkles on the skin is strictly linked to exposure to the sun. Because UV radiation [...]
6 September, 2019

Repair your skin after the summer with the revitalising Vitamin C face mask.

Lendan Cosmetics expands its Vitamin C cosmetic line with a new launch: the revitalising face mask. Do you want to know its benefits? Find out [...]
9 May, 2019

Vitamin C, the vitamin cocktail that your skin needs

There has always been a false belief that Vitamin C during the summer season can cause skin blemishes. In this article [...]
12 February, 2019

The benefits of marine collagen

Marine collagen has become the star product for its regenerative properties and for being a tough opponent of wrinkles. The benefits that [...]
8 November, 2018

SOS dull skin! Tips for brightening your face

Operation Christmas is on! In a month we will be about to celebrate Christmas, a holiday season in which we like to look radiant and show off our [...]
5 October, 2018

Whisking, the cocktail bar applied to beauty

"Mixed, not shaken". The famous phrase of the most famous special agent in cinema reaches the aesthetics sector. Because when you work as a team, the results are [...]
22 March, 2018

The benefits of Vitamin C on the skin

Vitamin C is not just for curing colds. This element is essential for our health and that of our skin, an ingredient of the most [...]
11 December, 2017
The importance of Vitamin C for your skin

The importance of Vitamin C for your skin

With the arrival of winter, it is likely that you will increase your intake of Vitamin C to strengthen your body, but do you know the importance of Vitamin C [...]