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21 June, 2022
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21 June, 2022
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Get advice from your stylist! The experts have the treatment your hair (really) needs: Hair ID. Discover how this treatment can cover every hair need.

Hair ID responds to the needs of the new consumer who is looking for a personalised hair care solution. A pioneering treatment that adapts to every need, type of hair and scalp.

How do you achieve a 100% personalised treatment?

The Hair ID system consists of three components that together form a treatment tailored to the requirements of the client's hair. These components are: Smart Base, the active concentrates and the essences. 

Smart Base: is an intelligent base that acts as a vehicle allowing us to direct the active ingredients to the areas that need them most. Its innovative technology is able to detect the most damaged areas of the hair and deposit repairing actives from the active concentrates there.

Active concentrates: after the diagnosis by the professional, the professional selects two of the 10 active concentrates and deposits them in the Smart Base. These will be the active ingredients that will cover the hair's needs.

  • Porcelain flower concentrate: dermocalming.
  • Oleo therapy: colour protection, nourishment and shine.
  • Diamond concentrate: thermo-protects the hair fibre.
  • Baobab concentrate: adds body and volume.
  • Liposome and silk concentrate: shine, softness and combability.
  • Ceramide concentrate: repairs damaged hair.
  • Multivitamin concentrate: nutrition, strength and vigour.
  • Stem cell concentrate: anti-ageing effect and intensive repair. 

Essences: is the aromatherapy component of the treatment, component selected by the client. 5 essences available to choose from.

  • Sensual Essence: sensuality with notes of vanilla and chocolate.
  • Energy Essence: a touch of citrus, pure energy.
  • Relax Essence: lilac notes, escape and relaxation.
  • Purity Essence: purity without allergens. Back to the most natural.
  • Happiness Essence: sweet and fruity notes, congratulations.

What combination of assets can we realise?

There are +140 different mask combinations to suit your hair, as many as you want or think of. Among the most recommended combinations of active ingredients we find:

  • Repairing formulas: where the ceramide active ingredient predominates in combination with others, such as stem cells, porcelain flower, baobab and diamond. 
  • Protective formulas: where the active ingredient oil therapy predominates in combination with other ingredients, such as stem cells, diamond, baobab and porcelain flower. 
  • Nourishing formulas: where the multivitamin active ingredient predominates in combination with another, such as stem cells, diamond, baobab or porcelain flower. 
  • Moisturising and softening formulas: where silk liposomes predominate in combination with other active ingredients, such as stem cells, diamond, baobab or porcelain flower.

Watch live training on Hair ID:

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