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12 July, 2019
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23 July, 2019
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We all dream of having frizz-free straight hair that creates the desired WOW effect when your friends see you. If you're tired of spending hours in front of the mirror with the hairdryer and straightener without the results convincing you, you need the Next Liss Age treatment in your life. 

We know that we want what we don't have. If we have straight hair, we want curls. If, on the other hand, it's curly, we want it to be super straight. Today we tell you how to enjoy a dream hair without suffering. 

Next Liss Age, the treatment that will give you smooth hair without the need for a straightening iron. 

Achieve the perfect straight look without weighing hair down with Next Liss Age, the professional straightening system from Lendan Cosmetics. Formulated with Kera-cysteine, it reduces volume and eliminates frizz and guarantees the straight effect for ten weeks. 

Thanks to its unique 18-MEA system, it provides soft, moisturised and shiny hair for a smooth and natural look. 

Its benefits include: 

. Get a frizz-free straightening effect

. Provides protection, hydration and shine to the hair, strengthening the hair fibre.

. Protects hair from high temperatures 

. Moisturises from root to tip for a spectacular mane.

. It reduces drying and styling time, as hair moisturised with keratin does not require as much daily care because it is healthier.  

Find out more about our innovative keratin straightening treatment in the video below: 

Enjoy a smooth, healthy and shiny mane! 

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