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15 February, 2021
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8 March, 2021
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All of them, especially those of us with red hairhave dreamed of taking our hairstylist home with us so that we can look our best every day. day by day likeo as if as if we had just just stepped out of the living room. The truth is that there is a treatment that allows you to show off intact hair. Find out!

We'd do anything to make our hair colour last longer with so much shine and silkiness, wouldn't we? Ve're going to reveal three simple steps you need to take to keep your hair looking its longer.

Step 1. Colour Shampoo Addict

Use the Color shampoo in your washing ritual Addictshampoo, a specific treatment for the care of coloured hair. Its formula based on fruit acids and plant extracts neutralises porosity and neutralises porosity, prolongs colour hold and colour permanence.

The method of use, like any other shampoo, consists of placing a small amount in the palms of your hands and spreading it over previously damp hair. Massage the scalp, rinse and repeat the same operation.

Step 2. Colour Mask Addict

Once the hair has been washed, we can proceed to moisturizing, for this we will apply the Mask Color Addict. Its formula combines moisturising, nourishing, anti-static and film-forming film-forming agents that act on the cuticle to increase the duration of the colour. In additionits extract of Meadwfoam Seed Oil adds shine and softness.

For its application, place a generous amount on the palm of the hand, spread it all over the freshly shampooed hair. freshly and massage from the roots to the ends. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. abundant water.

Step 3. Colour Cream Addict

To finish the care ritual, apply the colour intensifying cream that recomposes the cellular strcell structure by balancing the capillary and epidermal pH. The active complex of the formula, protect systemrepairs, moisturises and protects the hair fibre from damage caused by the oxidative and alkaline aggressions of the colouring process.

It can be applied in the salon before colouring, in which case it has a protective function, or after washing as a repairing treatment. In the latter case, with the hair washed and damp, massage and comb toIn the latter case, massage and comb through the hair to ensure even distribution.o evenly distributed and proceed to drying.


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