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Pioneers in bringing balance and care to technical treatments, we have revolutionised the concept of traditional straightening with Next Liss Age. The smoothing treatment that reduces volume, smoothes volume, eliminates frizz and cares for your hair. More than 7 benefits that will make you choose Next Liss Age!

A long time has passed since the time when we were in the we were willing A EVERYTHING for the sake of getting a laminated hair. Now there are other points that come into play besidesl tion, such as the care or health of our hair.a mane. The customer is more demanding and demands quality products to respect the to respect the balance of the scalp and hair.

Next Liss Age, the straightening that takes care of your hair.

Next Liss Age is the first treatment that provides protection, hydration and shine to the hair while achieving a frizz-free, laminated mane. The properties of Kera-cisteína and its 18-MEA system act by reducing volume, eliminating frizz, reducing frizz and resulting in hair that is cared for.

The Kera-cysteine is the active ingredient for straightening. It combines the benefits of keratin and cysteine, a protein and amino acid that isn present in the hair and which are lost over time and due to the action of external agents.

Its function in the Next Liss Age formula is to penetrate the hair and tor into the hair to fill gaps and seal breakages and fractures in the hair. hair that cause frizz. The result is healthy, smooth and natural looking hair.

The ingredient 18-MEA responds a the loss of the only natural lipid lipid which is exclusive and predominant on the outside of the cuticle and acts as the hair's first defence barrier. Washing, styling, colouring, chemical treatments or the effect of free radicals remove lipids and make the hair more vulnerable. 18-MEA binds to the outside of the cuticle to help protect and repair the hair.

How to get straight hair with Next Liss Age?

The Next Liss Age smoothing treatment consists of 3 steps:

STEP 1. Next Liss Age preparation shampoo: this shampoo, as well as being step 1 of the treatment, is also part of the maintenance pack that the client should take home to prolong the results. It helps to prepare and maintain the hair, deep cleansing and conditioning it for the straightening process.

The instructions for use are simple, wash the hair with the shampoo and air dry, without brushing, with the help of a hair dryer.

STEP 2. Activating serum + Straightening enhancer: modifies the hair structure while nourishing and strengthening the hair fibre. To apply, divide the hair into 4 sections and apply the corresponding mixture with a brush, distributing it well with a fine-toothed comb on the strands to be selected, starting at the nape of the neck and continuing through the rest of the hair.

The recommended mixture is 40g Active Serum - Step 2 (shake before use) and one Booster Ampoule. On hair where a softer effect is desired, it can be applied without the Booster ampoule. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, with the possibility of boosting it with heat. Afterwards, we semi-rinse the excess product with water and proceed to dry. After drying, we pass the iron selecting fine strands and going from the roots to the ends 7 to 10 times (maximum 180ºC in coloured hair and 210ºC in natural hair).

STEP 3. Next Liss Age Neutralising Cream: finishes the straightening process while nourishing, rehydrating and smoothing the hair for an optimal finish. Its formula, which incorporates 18-MEA and hydrolysed keratin, deeply conditions the hair, contributing to longer-lasting straightening and nourished, hydrated and shiny hair.

This step 3 should be applied to dry hair and left on for 10-15 minutes, with the option of adding heat, then rinsed out again. It is recommended not to wash the hair until 48-72 hours after the treatment. Ready! Smooth, frizz-free and hydrated hair.

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