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4 July, 2018
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“Shaken not stirred”. The famous phrase of the world’s most famous cinematographic special agent has now landed in the beauty sector. When you work in a team the results are always better and this is where whisking comes from, the technique of mixing different cosmetics together to make a new, more powerful one. We share its peculiarities with you.

If you still haven’t heard of whisking you’re sure to soon. The technique of mixing two cosmetics to create new, more personalized ones, is here to stay. From the creator of layering (technique imported from Japan that recommends applying essences, serums and creams in a specific order to boost the benefits of one or more) comes whisking. This new technique consists in, just before applying, taking two products, mixing then in your hand or a palette to create a product that is more than the sum of its two parts and then applying. To do this you can use utensils designed for cosmetic use, including spatulas, palettes and bowls or another homemade recipient that allows you to comfortably mix different products with different textures.

The main benefit of whisking is that thanks to this mix we can create more rounded products that are enriched and personalized and adapted to the specific needs of each person’s skin type.

Although this technique has been used by professional makeup artists for years, now it is conquering new territory in both hair and makeup. Whisking has opened up a whole range of new possibilities that allow you to create powerful, innovative and personalized cosmetics.

Which actives can be mixed?

Just like a cocktail, it’s important to know not only which actives to mix together but how to mix them. The trick is in precision, as we must always bear in mind that we are creating a beauty formula and not a smoothie. This is why, before mixing the ingredients, we should review their composition, as a bad choice could spoil the product’s benefits or, even worse, damage the skin. Our experts recommend mixing the following active ingredients:

– Sun protection + retinol or retinoids
– Vitamins A, C and E
– Antioxidant serum + sun protection
– Moisturizer or sun protection + retinol, retinoid, salicylic acid or glycolic acid

The components which are more difficult to combine and should therefore be avoided are salicylic acid (used for cellular renovation), glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide (used in anti-acne treatments) or retinol and retinoid (with anti-aging properties)

Suggested mixes

From Lendan Cosmetics we suggest the following combinations:

. Prebiotic Booster + Regenerating Moisturizing Fluid =  the Essential Reload Prebiotic Booster is an innovating concentrate of actives which act like a superfood for skin, providing nourishment, repair and a soothing effect. It strengthens the skin’s natural defence system, ensuring the correct balance of the microbiota (the invisible barrier which protects the skin) and stimulates skin renewal and protection. When it comes to the Regenerating Moisturizing Fluid from the Vitamin Forza C range it’s a detox-antioxidant product, a skin protection cocktail for urbanites that defends against pollution as well as boosting energy, radiance and vitality. The combination of these two cosmetics constitutes an intensive anti-aging treatment, restores sun-damaged summer skin, synthesizes collagen and provides added hydration. It’s definitely a cocktail that will leave your skin like new.

. Prebiotic Booster + Infinitime Global Age Delay Cream for combination skin = the best option for men. The union of these two products is the ideal treatment to combat the aging of mature skin and contributes to the progressive reduction and filling of wrinkles. Its fluid and fresh texture are perfect after shaving as well as infinitely preserving  youthfulness.

. Beauty Flash + fluid makeup base = do you have an important event coming up? This is the cocktail that you’ll go back to time and time again for an amazing night. The mix of these two products will result in an instantly relaxed, radiant and firm skin. In a question of minutes you’ll notice its express lifting action, reduced signs of tiredness and makeup will be longer lasting.

Amazing right? If you can have two, why make do with just one? Whisking is the way forward.

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