The benefits of exfoliating the skin

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10 October, 2018
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Skin cells are renewed every 28 days, so it is essential to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the regeneration of new ones. Exfoliators are in charge of this process of change and are essential products for your facial routine.

Exfoliation is necessary to renew the skin and activate the cells, oxygenate the skin and therefore nourish it. If dead cells adhere and we do not remove them, we are allowing our dermis to become dull, dull and accelerate the ageing process.

To understand what exfoliation does for our skin, we must first understand its origins. It is in the last layers of the stratum corneum where the cells are devoid of water and completely desiccated. These are the so-called dead cells. In isolation, they peel off in the form of dust or flakes. This process can be accelerated for external reasons, such as age, stress or lack of skin care, leaving an accumulation of dead cells that obstruct the follicles, preventing the penetration of active ingredients and worsening the appearance of the dermis, leaving it duller, rougher and drier.

The benefits of exfoliation

As we have already mentioned in the previous point, dead cells multiply, die and renew themselves. Of these cells that die, a certain percentage manage to peel off and reach the surface. Exfoliation is useful to remove the dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin, preventing it from breathing and dulling its appearance. In this sense, exfoliating granules also help to accelerate the phenomenon of cell regeneration and blood microcirculation, restoring softness, suppleness and radiance to the skin.

More benefits of exfoliation:

. Visibly improves skin texture, making it smoother and more velvety.
. Improves the level of absorption of daily creams and treatments on the face and neck.
. Delays the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and expression marks and helps to eliminate existing ones.
. Drags away dead cells.
. Unclogs the pores, cleansing in depth.
. Combats the appearance of acne and other dermatological problems, such as blackheads.

Types of scrub

We can distinguish 3 types of exfoliants according to their degree of action: superficial, medium or deep.

. Mechanical peeling: it is based on microparticles that, when rubbed on the skin, eliminate dead cells and smooth the surface of the dermis. We recommend doing it once a week.

. Enzymatic peel: this is the peel indicated for sensitive or dark skin. This type of peel penetrates into the deep layers of the skin to break the bonds between dead cells and cause them to fall off without damaging the living ones. They are ideal for removing dead skin cells, accelerating cell renewal, diminishing skin blemishes and fine lines, improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and reducing discolouration and sun damage. All without harming the most sensitive skin. We believe in its power so much that we have created the Prebiotic Enzymatic Scrub, a dual-action scrub that combines a physical exfoliation with biodegradable cellulose particles, with a bio-enzymatic one that mimics the skin's natural renewal. It eliminates impurities and renews the outermost layers of the epidermis, providing smoothness and radiance to the face. It is an essential product for our facial hygiene ritual, the perfect complement to eliminate impurities and toxins from our skin. The face is left clean and favours the correct absorption of subsequent treatments. In this case, due to its high concentration of active ingredients such as biodegradable cellulose particles or Mucor Miehel Protease, we recommend using it every two weeks.

. Chemical peeling: this is notable for its concentration of chemical products. It acts on the deepest layers of the epidermis and is mainly used to reduce marks, blemishes or scars. As in the previous case, it should be performed every two weeks.

Now that you know the benefits of exfoliation, start taking care of your skin now.

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